R.I.P. Beastie Boys' MCA

Adam Yauch died of cancer today.  I grew up listening to all kinds of music, and I have to say that listening to almost any of the Beastie Boys' music from the '80s and '90 brings back a ton of memories.  So sad.

Unfortunately I am not feeling so well this week... Be back tomorrow with more Kpop stuff and fashion stuff.

Edited to add:
Adding some Beastie Boys music because I'm thinking many of you younger peeps might have no idea who they are.  Fyi, they were awesome.

Super old school:
Brass Monkey

Source: 4everthescriptfan

Not quite as old school:
Sure Shot

Source: telekinetica


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  1. Tragic, I wasn't really into their music at the time but I was so sad to read about his death yesterday. 47 is waaay too young to die.


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