Big Bang's Still Alive + "Monster" Teasers Mega Post

I've been out of the loop for the past few days because real life intervened.  I actually had to work... Gasp!!  I mean, one must have a job, mustn't one??  Anyway, those hours were long as hell and I've been too tired to even look at my computer, much less turn it on.  Times like these is when I really consider buying a laptop.

While I was working my butt off, Big Bang just woke up and decided to release a repackage of their Alive album and call it Still Alive or Alive-Monster Edition.  The new album will include five new tracks, which are called "Still Alive", "Bingle Bingle", "Feeling", "Ego" and "Monster". They're releasing digitally on June 3rd, with the album coming out on June 6th.  They seem to be going all out with their teasers for the song "Monster", like YG likes to do.  Be sure to scroll down and check out G-Dragon's "Monster" mv teaser that was released earlier today, as well as T.O.P.'s teaser, which was released yesterday.

I'm eagerly awaiting the release of "Ego" in Korean instead of Japanese, not only because it'll be in Korean, but because I'll be able to download it from iTunes.  It seems as if Japanese record companies don't play well with iTunes.  Bad Japanese record companies... Bad!

About those teasers though... I'm not sure what to think but I'm reserving judgement until I see the whole mv and listen to the whole song.  Who knows what the song will really sound like?!  I am, however, side-eyeing GD for that wig.  I keep getting flashes of "Heartbreaker" and a Disney cartoon character whenever I watch his teaser.  You already did the blonde bowl cut and gloves a few years ago, dude.  Let's try something new this time.

However, I really am liking Seungri, Taeyang and T.O.P.'s outfits.  Who doesn't want a few bondage straps in their life??

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