50,000 Pageviews: It's an Oddness/Weirdness Celebration Up in Here!

When I started this blog in October of last year, I had my fingers crossed that I'd get at least a few views.  I had no idea what the hell I was doing and pretty much learned by doing and lots of research.  If you went alll the way back to my first month of posts, you'd see what I am talking about.  I didn't have any sort of clear direction, I just knew I wanted to blog, what I wanted to blog about and that I wanted to my sarcastic/silly personality to come through while doing it.

When I first started getting a substantial amount of views, I was like:

When I got my first non-friend comment I was shocked... Shocked I say!  First non-friend follower??  More shock!

Fast forward to today when I surpassed my initial goal of 50k pageviews, with a few more comments and followers, and I'm so excited, you have no idea.

Woop, woop!

In the grand scheme of things, 50k views might not seem like a lot to you but it's a lot to me!  I'm just happy that people take the time out of their busy days to check out what I have to say, whether it be for a few hours or for a few minutes.

I'll just continue to keep having fun doing what I enjoy over here and hopefully people continue to come over and hang out a bit and maybe have some fun too.



  1. Awesome, Erika.


    Terri :-}

  2. Your blog is a great deal of fun! And I'm learning more about this kind of music every time I come here. I have to admit a lot of the music isn't really my up of tea, but I love the fashion plus there's a kind of innocence about it all, which you don't see much nowadays.

    1. I agree with you on the fashion and the innocence part. I'll admit there's a TON of Kpop I don't feature here because I don't fancy (as you might say...heheh) the music but I'm trying to keep an open mind. There's all kinds of genres like k-hip hop and K-alt that you might like.

      I'm glad you like it and continue to come check it out. :)


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