Video of the Day: f(x)- (Danger) Pinocchio

Today I felt like watching a video that was cute but not so sugary sweet that it gave me visual cavities.  Sugary sweetness is something that Kpop girl groups are usually famous for so I don't often find something I like in that respect.

I pulled this video out of my faves because everything about the video is fun, from their styling (LOVE the outfits!) to the visuals, the intricate choreography and the song itself.  There's also really good shoe porn involved and we all know I love that.


Source: sment

And look... someone took the time to screen cap and splice all their "standing in a room" outfits together so I could stare at their shoes and clothes.  How nice of them.  <Hugs> to you!

(Click to enlarge)
Source: luxlil @ tumblr


  1. Oh the girl with short blonde hair who raps is hot! Thanks for this. ;)

  2. You're quite welcome. That's Amber and she's my favorite also. She's definitely a cutie.


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