Shinee on M! Countdown: Sherlock and Stranger HD

Intro/Sherlock (Clue+Note)

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Intro/Sherlock (Clue+Note)/Stranger

Source: CNTLU

I just had to repost this because, well.... it's so damned GOOD!  I was a little worried at first about Tony Testa's choreography (and will people stop mispelling the poor guy's name??) but DAMN it was so excellent.  Shinee killed it and I'm sure they'll go on killing it.  Make sure to watch this in HD on full screen for maximum awesomeness.

Last thing: For the people that aren't fans of Taemin's hair or fashion or Key's style or are thinking that they lip synced.  First of all, who cares?  Shinee will always wear fun, crazy fashion coz that's what they do.  Secondly, just enjoy the comeback.

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SHINee's mini-album "Sherlock" ranks on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums and World Albums charts

by Uni

SHINee is off to an amazing start following the release of their mini-album, "Sherlock." The popular idol male group achieved an all-kill for their title track, "Sherlock," soon after its release.

For the week of March 31st, SHINee's mini-album made its debut on Billboard's Heatseekers Albums Chart in 10th place. The group can also be found charting in 2 additional Billboard charts including 5th under the World Albums Chart and 48th under theIndependent Albums Chart
Source: koreaboo


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