Lookbook Love Part Deux

As I mentioned once before, I am infatuated with fashion lookbooks.  I can peruse them all day with no problems, especially if they are interestingly photographed and the styling is impeccable.  Well, once again Shopbop blew my mind a bit with this extremely well put together lookbook.  It showcases one of the big spring trends, which is sports-inspired fashion.  Here are a few of my favorite slides:


 Source: shopbop

Be sure to check out the rest of the lookbook here.

I was thinking I'd totally wear any of those outfits (and that I want those shoes in pic 2), and then I saw this like the next day on one of my favorite blogs:

Source: Luxirare 

Luxirare is all about sports-inspired looks right now.  I think I might have to take a page out of her book sometime soon.


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