Big Bang's Inkigayo Comeback Stage Rocks My World

(Intro) Alive and Blue

Bad Boy

BOOM shaka laka!
Fantastic Baby

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I'm flailing right now.  This comeback was excellent.  No wonder they wanted to do Inkigayo first... those stages were incredible, especially the Fantastic Baby stage.  Edited to add:  Umm... I just fully watched the Blue stage.  They have a moat and a "floating" stage.  SBS officially gets my props because these stages are ridiculously awesome.

Can I just say how much I loved this whole thing but especially Fantastic Baby??  It brought to mind how Big Bang has been mentioning that last year they just weren't feeling being Big Bang anymore until the incidents with Daesung and GD happened.  Seeing these stages and how exuberant they are while performing and comparing them to last year's comeback stages of Tonight and the rest of their songs, you can really tell the difference.  Even TOP, who was super subdued during last years stages, was all into it.  I'm glad the real Big Bang is back and now I'm REALLY dying to go to their concert.

Oh!  I almost forgot to mention how much I love their outfits.  I'm even forgiving GD that weave in these performances because it goes so well.  Check out TOP's green contacts.  He's rocking those well with that green hair and brows.  <3

Did I mention they also won?  Of course... Your favorites could never, etc...

Source: ckim1986 via MyMusicRadar

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