Video of the Day: Jay Park- Know Your Name feat. Dok2

Ok firstly I just want to give MAJOR props to Jay Park for featuring a black woman in his Kpop video.  I don't think I've seen a black woman in any other Kpop video, and I'm not talking about just passing through or anything.  Judging from the comments on YouTube for this mv, people are happy to see it.  Secondly, this video and song are full of swag.  Go on with your bad self, Jay!

What I love:  Everything about it, especially the multi-Jay Parks.  The choreography?  Bangin'.

What I dislike:  Not a thing.

Forget video of the day... I'm thinking video of my week!


2/7/12 By: Ghostwriter

Yesterday, Jay Park unleashed his music video for ”Know Your Name from his new album, ‘New Breed‘! The album was officially launched through iTunes on February 7th and it has been performing well on the charts.
As of this writing, “New Breed” is topping the R&B/Soul Chart on iTunes in the United States, Australia, and Canada.
Source: allkpop
Congrats Jay Park!  Itunes here I come...

Screencaps: Me



  1. I really love it too, great song, sexy guy. What more could you ask for. Nothing at all!!!!

  2. Love the way he wears the cap down low and not on the back of his head which seems to be a new trend I don't like much myself. I always wear my caps down low too.


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