Color Blocking 101

As I've mentioned before on the blog- spring is on the way, even if it does seem like it's going to take forever to get here, so I decided to do a few posts on spring trends and how to wear them.  First up will be color blocking, which was a trend that was introduced last year and is still going strong.  I find it to be such an easy way to add interest to any outfit.

The easiest way to incorporate the color blocking trend into your wardrobe is with a pair of shoes.  You can find pairs that range from neutral to neon and anywhere in between, also in any price range and any style.  
The extra fun part of color blocking is your shoe and clothing color choices do not have to be an exact match, which is super liberating.  Just be careful- adding too many different colors to your ensemble can sometimes end up being a major fashion faux pas.
I choose some on-trend pieces you can seamlessly incorporate into your wardrobe.  A chambray button down will be a key piece this season, which can be easily dressed up or down.  Polka dots will also be out and about in full force and I found this pair of shorts to be an extra adorable option.  A bright bottom (or top!) is a definite must; there are tons of options out there.  Neutrals and nudes are also another must have color choice.

I love a good hat or scarf or both... I'm all about layering.  Luckily for me they're still in style for spring and summer; I will definitely be rocking them throughout the year.

Hopefully you'll decide to inject some color into your closet, even if it's a little bit to start with.  I know that seeing so many fun hues in the stores has made me want to add some into my mostly black and grey wardrobe.  If I can do it, I know you can.

How would you add color to your wardrobe?  Let me know in the comments below.

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