Big Bang Mega Post!

Big Bang on SBS Healing Camp:

Source: ň░ĆnicholasV ||weibo, vipshineebbjae@tumblr 

The episode of Healing Camp will air on February 20th.  On the show G-Dragon and Daesung will sincerely apologize to their fans for their controversies in 2011.  Obviously there is laughter as well, which is a really good thing.  I'm extra excited to see this.  

Is it me or does GD's face look a little fuller.  Hopefully he gained weight, as he was starting to look a little too thin.  

Daesung's teaser: 

Source: yg-life

Love it!

Any thoughts on their new hairstyles and colors?


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  1. OMG, It is sooo nice to see Big Band laughing and looking happy together again. At first I wasnt to sure about everyones new style.I have to admit I am liking everyones new style, but daesung's hair is nice. I just wish it wasnt soo blonde, lol. Aja Aja Fighting Big Bang!!!!


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