Videos of the Day: Korean Mom's Dance Cover Class vs. The Real Deal

Last month, in my wanderings through YouTube, I found these videos of this mother's dance class from XX Dance School in Korea.  These mothers do dance covers of Kpop songs and they are awesome.

The reason why I enjoy these so much is because, if you look closely at the video, you'll notice these are older women doing these dance covers really well and having a great time doing it.  I'm jealous because I want to take a class just like this.  If anyone knows of a Kpop dance cover class in NJ, hook me up!

Anyway, I'm including the dance cover video and then a video of the real Kpop group so you can contrast and compare if you so desire.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did...

The Moms doing Kara-Step:

Source: fredoommk1

Kara- Step Live comeback stage:

Source: Princessxd11

The Moms doing TVXQ- Keep Your Head Down:

Source: fredoommk1

TVXQ- Why (Keep Your Head Down):

Source: Lovessicayt99 (no channel available)

Moms doing 2NE1- I Am The Best:

Source: fredoommk1

2NE1- I Am The Best:

Source: 2NE1

Sooo much fun, especially the first video of them doing Kara's Step.  Let me know what you think...

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