Video of the Day: Big Bang x 2

Today I figured I'd take it wayyyyy back to 2008 (har, har!) and post up some Big Bang- "Haru Haru".  This is one of the few music videos that kinda almost brought a tear to my eye.  The song is incredible but what I really love is the story.  You don't even need to know Korean to follow along or to feel sad at the end.  In my opinion, Big Bang is really good at being dramatic without being melodramatic in their videos and at the end of this video I was left thinking that G-Dragon, especially, needs to act more often.

Source: YGEntertainment

Here's another example of GD's singing and acting skills.  He played this during his 2009 concert called Shine A Light and it's called "She's Gone".  It's very, VERY dark and moody and grim, which is pretty much why I love it.

Source: iKpopVideoHQseason4

I'm thinking he makes a very sinister and yet sexy murderer.  He could kill me anytime... ok... not really but you get what I mean.

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  1. OMG!!!!!!! I soooo sooooo love both of these songs.I mean i just love big bang. They are great. I also agree that GD need to act more. I sooo wish that he would to a kdrama already.I mean I love seeing T.O.P. in his dramas, he can be sexy and cute all at the same time. By the way she's gone is one of my favv GD songs!!!!


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