Obligatory Eye Candy: Cutie Pie Edition

Last Sunday I introduced a new blog corner called Obligatory Eye Candy.  Totally said I'd be posting hotties up every Sunday.  Apparently I lied... nahhhh really I forgot.  I'm awful.

To make up for my forgetfulness here's the cutie pie edition, meaning they're all overflowing with aegyo; so much I could just squee.

Warning: This post causes uncontrollable smiles and "Awww"s.

Jung Il Woo
Rain giving cuteness on Family Outing
Hong Ki's fan service selca
Kim Bum's smile!
Onew and Jonghyun
Kim Jae Wook giving us a Coffee Prince smirk

Joonie and kitty
Baby faced Hoya and Sunjong
Taeyang's adorable eye smile
Taemin's pout
All Images: Credit where due


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