Idol Style: Shinee's Taemin

Today my idol style focus is going to be squarely on Taemin from Shinee.  I hold a soft spot in my heart for Taemin because he's Shinee's maknae and he's utterly adorable.  He comes across so fierce and intense on stage but off stage he seems to be a shy, kind of ditzy kid with a touch of ADHD.   He's so cute you really just want to pinch his cheeks then put him in your pocket.

Without further ado...


Name: Lee Taemin
Nickname: Tae, Taeminnie
Typical Taemin quote: When asked by a magazine what his fashion obsession was, he answered- "Silhouette.  I like styles that show off the body’s silhouette.  I like clothes with a slim and slender line."

We can certainly tell!

Taemin likes: Extra skinny skinny pants, bracelets, oversized tops and sweaters, beanies, large infinity scarves, tailored coats, hoodies, sunglasses, necklaces, oversized jackets and ripped up jeans/pants.  

Isn't he a cutie?  Hope you enjoyed! 

All images: Credit where due



  1. Awwww my baby boy, great pics!!! ^^

  2. OMG, just saved all of those pics. I mean can he get any cuter.

  3. Another beautiful looking guy. :)

  4. What I hate the most is he looks way nicer/cooler in skinny pants than me..>< Noooo!

  5. Ikr?? Especially since most of them are probably girl pants. Sighhh.


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