Idol Style: Jang Geun Suk

Ok I'll admit it... Jang Geun Suk is not an idol, per se, but he IS a major hallyu star so I'm featuring him, dammit.  Let me just say that I adore JGS's style, and I adore it because he's so fearless in what he wears.  One minute he's all boyish and charming (or even kind of manly and charming) and the next minute he's uber androgynous, pretty and fey.  Maybe it has to do with what mood he's in when he wakes up?  Who knows?!  All I know is that I am a big fan of his clothing choices (and of his acting and singing).  The wilder and crazier the better.  It just makes me smile and say, "That's our Sukkie!"

Bring it on JGS! 

Name: Jang Geun Suk or Jang Keun Suk.
Nickname: Asia Prince, Sukkie
Typical Accomplishments: Actor, singer, model, entrepreneur.  He's been in the entertainment business since he was 5 and has done everything from dramas to movies to tv commercials to commercial films, to releasing an album...etc., etc.  He's known for being super honest, saying whatever he wants (and getting in trouble for it) and just randomly busting out into a shuffle dance wherever he is. He has a ton of product endorsements and he's also won a ton of awards for his acting.  I mean, the guy bought a 6 story building last year for his personal use and he's in his early 20s.  That's pretty accomplished.

JGS likes: Sparkly necklaces and bracelets, fur, leather, long tunic tops, long pretty hair, skinny jeans, vests and blazers, funky shoes and sneakers, guyliner, the occasional bra-like top, leopard print, flowy scarves, and avant garde shapes.  JGS is out there and he's a little cray-cray but we love him anyway.

All Images: Credit where due

I shall leave you with a fanmade mv for my favorite JGS song so you can bask in the glory that is JGS.  Take Care, My Bus from the OST for his drama Marry Me Mary aka Mary Stayed Out All Night.

Source: InaRoxane

Love JGS or hate him?  Leave a comment to let me know.

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