Daphne Guinness: Fashion Icon

Ever wondered who wears couture on the daily?  I always used to.  I'd look at some outfits and be wondering who the hell would wear that and where to.  I found my answer when I first saw a pic of Daphne Guinness, and let me tell you... the woman is fab.

The Honourable Daphne Diana Joan Suzannah Guinness is an artist and an heiress for the Guinness beer family.  Yes, she wears these crazy, funky, insane outfits out and about and I'd pretty much describe her style as modern day glam goth victorian.  The best vampire movie ever would have to star her as the uber vampire goddess bitch-queen.  She manages to walk around all the time in these crazy, super high shoes that look like they'd cause broken ankles and I think she's pretty damned awesome for doing it.  

In this video for Nowness.com, Daphne talks about herself and the reason she wears what she wears:

Source: nowness

Pic Sources:  guestofaguest, Acne, Anthea Simms, credit where due, Courtney D'Alesio


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