Video of the Day: Jay Park Star

Just saw Jay Park's new video for the song "Star" and I really like it a lot.  Make sure to watch in full screen 1080p for maximum cuteness factor.


Source: jaybumaom0425

What I love:  Well duhh... the dancing! Love Jay Park's musicality and moves... whoever choreographs his videos is extra good.  He also has the best crew dancing behind him and I could watch them dance all day.  I'm also liking the sets quite a bit.  It's not your typical Kpop set (side eyeing SM Entertainment right now) and it gives off a very warm vibe.   The song is also a well done American style RnB type slow jam and I have to say I'm loving the falsetto.  He's really good at seamlessly integrating that type of style into the Kpop world.

What I find slightly amusing:  The "Oops!  I didn't know I had coffee foam on my lips... oh wait.. Are you kissing me?" scene.  Kinda awkwarrrrddd.  It was probably supposed to look sexy and cute but really he ended up looking like a deer caught in headlights, like he's never been kissed before.  Pause it... Yep, go ahead.  I know you want to.  The wind blowing back the girl's hair but not his?  Priceless.

I'm looking forward to seeing him perform this in his comeback shows.  Hopefully he's put some more practice into singing well while dancing hard, as he struggled a bit with that during his "Abandoned" comeback shows.


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