Video of the Day #2: 2AM Parodies Be My Baby

2am and the Wonder Girls

Lollll @ this!
2am doing Kara's "Step" and Wonder Girl's "Be My Baby" during rehearsals for their Christmas concert.

Source: ibighit,  Image source: allkpop via Changmin's twitter

I love how they're having so much fun doing this.  What cracked me up is how good they are at it and how they looked so serious until about 1:25 when Jinwoon (in orange) started being silly.  Changmin (in black) just looks too manly and muscular to be doing these steps but does it well anyway.  JoKwon (in white) is, as usual, doing those steps just perfectly.  He always makes me laugh when he does his kkab... heart him!  Seulong is good too.  They really do give good fan service, don't ya think?

I think I'm definitely going to have to pay more attention to 2am in the future.

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