Arm Parties and Other Things...

Sadly I haven't posted a thing to this blog in about 2 weeks... work and the holidays have conspired to make me one tired arse woman.  One of my New Years/birthday resolutions is to post something daily and hopefully I'll be able to stick to that.  I'm gonna try, that's for sure.

Anyway, if you don't know what an arm party is or haven't thrown an arm party, you should jump on that.  The term was coined by the Man Repeller , also known as Leandra Medine, and it refers to the art of stacking tons of bracelets/watches/bangles on one or both arms.  I've tried it before but I definitely had to take some inspiration from Leandra.

Last week I threw this party on my left arm:

l to r: 1st 3 Aldo, not sure, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Here are some other soirees that I found to be too cute for words:

Source: ManrepellerRefinery29Atlantic-PacificTheGlamourai

Hopefully this post inspires you to throw a party of your own.   If so, let me know!

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