An early '90s-ish, Jodeci-style slow jam, Kpop style that I've been listening to a lot recently.
A friend of mine calls it the sex song.  Make sure to watch it in large screen HD to really appreciate every detail. 

Source: sment

What I think is hilarious: The slow-mo, beseeching hands and eyes, wind-blowing their tousled hair and clothing shots.
What I love: The choreography and the fact that you wouldn't think you'd be hearing this sort of song coming out of their lips.  I also love the fact that Changmin (on the left, mostly) doesn't look like those sounds should come out that svelte body.  Especially love the dance break that starts at 3:27 and the extra special move at around 3:45.

After seeing the fancams of them performing this at Madison Square Garden recently, all I have to say is, "Wow!"



  1. The sex song....baby makin song...^.~

  2. Lol see I had the sex song first but I thought that was wrong. I'll change it now.


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