Some more of that boho/neosoul goodness

Here’s another blog that I’m really enjoying.  This girl has incredible style.  Her name is Shana Bea.


Love it! 

Here’s what she has to say on here blog about being stylish vs. fashionable:
"I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two different types of people that are into fashion. You have those people who are stylish, and then you have those people who are fashionable. I am going to explain the difference today.
A stylish person is someone who can do any and everything when it comes to fashion. They have a style that is their own, that other people try and copy. Stylish people do not care about the price of a garment, but how they feel when they are wearing what they like. When you have style, it’s something that represents who YOU are. You dress to fit your emotions when you wake up in the morning, not to go out and try to impress. Stylish people do what they want to do, how they want to do it, when they want to do it. Let me give a few examples of some stylish people, who don’t try hard to have style, they just do!"

Totally agree, don’t you?
I love the whole updated 80s/Kid n Play/90s/Lisa Bonet/A Different World vibe that many New York teens and twenty-somethings are rocking now.  So if you threw away your super oversized cardi or your harem pants from back in the day, just remember: everything comes back sometime.
Check out her blog: kneehighsandlove

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