G-Dragon Caught Smoking Pot?

I've been reading about this since yesterday and I feel bad for GD but I'm not quite believing the story YG has put out there.  I'm really sad that he got caught and that his comeback will be postponed indefinitely.  After reading other articles, I saw that GD has not be blacklisted, which is awesome.  I was pretty worried about that.  Who knows when he'll get to comeback, as well as go to Japan for GD + TOP's Japanese comeback. 
GD fighting!

YG Entertainment apologizes on behalf of G-Dragon

Over 12 hours ago, Korean media news reported that Big Bang's leader G-Dragon had been investigated under the suspicion of smoking marijuana, which was confirmed by the prosecutor, Kim Hwejong.

On the afternoon of October 5th, YG Entertainment formally apologized on behalf of G-Dragon and said, "As a celebrity highly popular with the public and being his agency which should be managing him strictly, we are all sorry and repenting for not being more careful."

"We bow our heads in apology to all of you for whom we have caused concern and we will do our best not to let this happen again."

YG Entertainment continued to explain that G-Dragon had been indeed investigated by the prosecution in July for smoking marijuana. G-Dragon had allowed the investigation, as he had not smoked the drug. Therefore he was highly shocked when his test results came back positive from a hair drug test.

According to the agency, G-Dragon then remembered that he had been in Japan in May for their Love&Hope concert tour. At the time, he had been drinking with several Japanese officials, and while he went to the bathroom, someone who has been presumably thought a fan, had given him a cigarette and G-Dragon accepted it out of goodwill.

However, after taking 2-3 drags out of the so-called cigarette, G-Dragon realized that it felt different then a regular cigarette and had immediately thrown it away in a urinal. G-Dragon had explained this to prosecutors as a reason why he may have tested positive.

YG Entertainment said, "He had not really remembered it at first because he regarded it as an insignificant incident which occurred in passing. There may have not been any additional penalty he got, but we believe that both G-Dragon and the agency have been handed a responsibility and guilt which is greater than any other penalty."

The prosecution has not officially indicted G-Dragon and has only put him under "suspension of indictment" after taking his age, motive, and means into consideration. The amount that G-Dragon has smoked is also under the punishable amount. In addition, G-Dragon did not have any prior criminal records and this is his first offense.

Source: koreaboo
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