Leveling Up in Fangirl - VIXX and Block B's Zico at a Free Concert Event in Seoul 140116/17

Fangirling in Seoul: A Fan Account
Written by- Kattack

I came home from Seoul a few weeks ago and let me just tell you- O.M.G.SEOUL.IS.AMAZING.

I will be writing a nice long post on all my adventures for Oddness/Weirdness in the coming weeks, but in the meantime I wanted to share a little teaser of my trip-  a fancam at a free concert event at the World Class College (WCC) Convention in Samseong-Dong, Seoul! Featuring the amazing Zico from Block B! *excited bouncing*

Not only was it my first fancam, but my first experience being a real "fangirl". Storytime!

So, a friend who I met up with in Seoul is immensely talented at finding out what's going down in the K-Pop world around her. She announced that VIXX and Block B would be performing a free concert on the Saturday (VIXX) and Sunday (Block B) of this World Class College Convention, and would I like to go. HELLS YES I WOULD! I'm in Seoul, I'm taking advantage of absolutely every opportunity to get my fangirl on that arises!

Day One: On the subway over this bridge- so pretty!

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