UPDATED: Ovaries Explode Over Minho's Teasers For SHINee's "Everybody" Album

SM Entertainment continues to tease us with pics from SHINee's upcoming "Everybody" mini album.  Today is Minho's turn and umm... I'll just place these here:

SHINee Minho's Everybody album teaser pic 1

SHINee Minho's Everybody album teaser pic 2

SHINee Minho's Everybody album teaser pic 3

I'm not a huge Minho fan but DAMN!  He still manages to look manly even while wearing a ton of makeup; I have no idea how he does it but I like it.

As I found out yesterday, all of SHINee's military outfits are from Thom Browne's men's Spring/Summer '14 fashion show.  Here's Minho's jacket and pants with a red patent variation of his hat:

Minho's Thom Browne ss 14 red jacket

Thom Browne's fashion shows can be insane but they sure do translate well to Kpop don't they?

As for some more news about the album, here are the dates for all their "Everybody" comeback stages:

SHINee's Everybody comeback music show schedule

It's also been reported that SHINee will be holding a comeback special on October 6th:

Word on the street is this will be live broadcasted on YouTube so stay tuned for more info.

Are you ready??  Because I certainly am!  See you tomorrow so we can fangirl over Jonghyun's pics.  I'm betting money that he'll be half naked under a jacket; who's with me?

Click here for Taemin's, Key's and Onew's teasers + previous news and check back later for Minho's 3rd pic.  

Source: @SMTOWNGLOBAL.  Credit where due (If that comeback info pic is yours, please let me know and I'll credit).

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