SHINee's Hello Baby Viewing Party: Episode 5

Ok SHINee stans and not-yet-SHINee stans, I've got episode 5 of SHINee's Hello Baby for your viewing pleasure. This is the one where SHINee puts on their crazy old school play.  Later on they head on over to KBS for their schedule and end up meeting up with SNSD and other celebs.  I love how Minho is the one who always the Appa who gets Yoogeun to stop crying... It's so darned cute, I can't even.

I definitely need to catch up, how about you?  I'll be commenting as we go along, so let me know who's still watching with me.

In case you missed them, here's the link to the previous episodes of Hello Baby, and don't forget the viewing party "rules".

If you're watching along with us, be sure to leave your thoughts on each episode in the comments!

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