News Of The Week: G-Dragon Films A New MV In London, INFINITE Kicks Off Their World Tour, EXO Fans Banned From Inkigayo And More

I've been planning to do a weekly recap on the blog for awhile now but never got around to it.  Welp, here I am finally doing one!  I know this is last week's news but I've gotta start somewhere, so here goes.

Check out my inaugural "News Of The Week" post.  These posts will consist of a recap of things I found to be really interesting that happened during the week, but didn't neccessarily blog about.  Let me know whether you'd like to see more of these in the comments below.

kpop news of the week oddness/weirdness

G-Dragon in London filming a new mv:

g-dragon caught filming a new mv in london

G-Dragon was spotted all over London, England as he filmed an mv for a new single from his upcoming album.  GD made sure to tweet and Instagram pics galore but fans were also on hand to flood social media sites with photos of him featuring his new blonde rockabilly mohawk.  Loving the new 'do, Jiyong.

g-dragon instagram new mv spoiler
We were informed by GD's August 9th Instagram update that: "This is a spoiler".

We learned not that long ago that GD would be releasing his 3rd solo album online on August 14th (the physical album would come out on his birthday, August 18th) but Papa YG revealed recently that the album has been postponed until after Suengri's comeback.  I'm not too happy about the extra wait but it's good to know that he's been working diligently to make sure the finished product is flaw free.

INFINITE begins their One Great Step concerts in Seoul:

infinite one great step in seoul

INFINITE, aka #4 on my bias list, kicked off their One Great Step World Tour with concerts in Seoul on August 9th and 10th.  Of course you know they killed it because that's just how they do things.  Take a look at this fancam of my current INFINITE jam "Destiny" if you're doubting my words.

Good right?  I am SO going to see them when they come to New York to perform in November!

Click here for more photos of the boys at their Seoul One Great Step concerts and here for pics and a whole lot of fancams.

Click for more info on INFINITE's One Great Step tour dates.

SM Entertainment and Woollim announce a merger?  WTF??

This segues nicely into info on Woollim Entertainment merging with SM Entertainment's SM C&C to form an independent label called Woollim Label.  Gasps of horror were heard all over the world when this info was revealed on August 8th, as fangirls started to freak out over visions of INFINITE turning into a washed out version of SHINee.  I mean, we all have heard the "SM Entertainment is MEAN!" stories, plus look what they're doing to JYJ.  It seems to me that INFINITE has some fears of their own, because why else would they be crying?
Leader Sunggyu expressed “Infinite debuted 3 years ago, to have gotten to where we are now from the bottom, it’s all thanks to the fans. 
Because I lack a lot, I also feel apologetic to the members” After that he said “A lot of people have misunderstood. The group Infinite and our colleagues will not change, we will continue to produce top quality and beautiful music. My heart aches because of the misunderstanding. Infinite will not change in any way.” 
Today Infinite’s managing company Woollim Ent. announced it’s merger with SM Ent. They’ve decided to run as an independent label with it’s distinguished music style along side the existing SM Ent., and because of that they received intense interest from the industry and fans.
Member Sungyeol also said “I believe in the CEO’s decision. Believe in us and follow us. I will believe just as much in return.” He promised.
Hoya smiled. “At the end of the world tour, we may receive bad reviews. But no matter what, as long as there are results, it isn’t a failure. Through the world tour we’ll take a step forward and come back.” 
Unable to control his feelings, Woohyun crying, said. “We haven’t done anything wrong. From the start I’ve tried my hardest in order to show a handsome appearance. I always think of everyone, I hope there will not be a big misunderstanding. Infinite will become even stronger. Please anticipate it.” 
Maknae Sungjong also tearfully said. “Because everyone looks so confident, I am so grateful, I hope we can be together forever in the future." 
Dongwoo expressed his thanks. “I’ve always introduced myself as a zelkova tree, if Infinite is a tree then the land is our parents, and Woollim Ent. is the water which allows us to thrive, the fans will always be the sun in the sky above us. Everyone is the reason we can shine.”
Also “To some people’s standard, Infinite maybe ugly and handsome to others. But we will become an even more exquisite, almost like a sculpture Infinite. Furthermore we will become a tree that everyone can rely on and rest under.” 
L said crying. “To be honest, the us at the beginning lacked everything, now we’re much better. Even if we return to the beginning it isn’t strange in the least, but as a human being, once you posses something you always want to have it. I can’t imagine not having fans, everything is precious.” 
Source: tvreport.co.kr

What a heartfelt and emotional plea for acceptance from their fans, even if I'm not quite sure what the heck Dongwoo was talking about.  I just hope that it ends up being true.  Take a look at this statement from Woollim about this very issue:

“Woollim’s music will not change, and it will continue to pursue new music and challenges and keep its originality because it will be individually managed even after the merge and acquisition.”
SM Entertainment will be in charge of the global distribution of the music and other businesses of artists’ under “Woollim Label,” while SM C&C will be in charge of the label’s functions. 
The rep emphasized that it was not a sudden decision but made after careful consideration of the agency’s artists’ futures. “It was decided after a long deliberation and consideration of the artists and employees. We understand the public’s reaction of surprise since the agency has been making a comparable profit as you can see from the successful progression of Infinite’s world tour. But the music market quickly changes so instead of worrying about short-term profits, we decided after discussing things with the artists and thinking about the long-term and security of their careers.”
It's all about the money, y'all.  SM Entertainment is saying that:

"In terms of business structure and scale, we will acquire international competitiveness and will stand as Asia's premiere music group which can compete with major global music groups."
It seems that SM will be handling the business side while the new Woollim label will deal with the music production side.  This just means that groups like INFINITE and Tasty will get a chance to work with better choreographers and producers.  Although I'm very happy with INFINITE's current choreographers, this sounds like a pretty good deal... or is it?  Only time will tell.

EXO fangirls finally annoy enough people, get banned from Inkigayo

Ok not all EXO fans are crazy but it seems like many of them are, and they've managed to get themselves banned from Inkigayo tapings.  The news was announced on August 4th and my first reaction was, "Well that's not a surprise", and how sad is that?

The fans were banned because they didn't follow the rules set forth by the staff of Inkigayo, including breaking safety rules like jay walking, chasing EXO members, running into the streets to follow them, etc.  The police have even had to get involved before!  They're calling it extreme mob behavior for a reason.

It seems as if some programs and events have even had to reconsider allowing EXO to perform because of the behavior of their fans.

Here's an example of some of this extreme EXO fan mob behavior they're talking about:

Yes, the videographer got slapped for no reason other than that she was filming this (I assume).  It could also have been because she was a foreign fan.

All EXO sasaeng fans should be ashamed of themselves for this.  Let's see how long it takes before other music shows and events decide to do the same thing.

Why did SHINee's Jonghyun have to apologize for having a life?

shinee jonghyun selca

Lots of stories about Jonghyun on this blog in that past week or so.  Here's another one:

On August 10th pics of Jonghyun with someone netizens were claiming to be Nine Muses' Kyung Li were circulated online.  This all got back to Jjong, who was understandably dismayed.  The next day he tweeted the following:

"My stories are appearing a lot on community sites. If I tell you just the facts, I went to the movies with my friends, and they're just my friends not celebrities. I hope no one gets hurt by this. I found out because my friend sent me a picture~ I'm happy that there's many people around me who care for me like this. It's late, go to sleep~~ There must be a lot of people who are taking breaths of relief, I'm sorry. Even though it's not something I should be sorry about, I'm sorry."
How sad that he felt the need to take to social media to explain and apologize for having a life beyond SHINee.  Shame on you, netizens!  I could care less if he has a girlfriend or not, but then again I'm not 15 and I'm not hopelessly in love with someone I'll never meet.  In fact I hope he does have a girlfriend, or even a boyfriend if he swings that way!  

Even though I wish he didn't have to make statements like this, I'm just thinking good for him for being mature enough to lay it all out there like that.  He kind of told everyone to mind their business in a nice way, and I applaud him for that.

What did you think of these noteworthy events?  Did I miss anything that you thought was interesting or just plain annoying?  Sound off below! 

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