EXO Explodes My Ovaries With Their First "Growl" Comeback Stage On M! Countdown

EXO made their first "Growl" comeback performance today on M! Countdown and I think it was good, and by good I mean f#@king awesome.  They had me wiping sweat off my brow with all those sexy faces they were making, and they've managed to hip thrust and twerk their way onto my bias list with this one.  Yeah, I never thought I'd be saying that about EXO either, but there's always room for one more.

exo growl m! countdown 130801

Ahhh first "Growl" comeback stage... I'll just let you know right now that you had me at this:

tao exo growl m! countdown 130801

Yes that's right... one look at Tao's green (Blue?  Blue green?) hair, smoky eye and naughty lip bite and I was a goner.  I've decided that Tao needs to always be wearing eyeliner because dayummm!

baekhyun chen exo growl m! countdown 130801

I'm so loving these boys right now, mostly because they look like they're really enjoying themselves while performing this song.  I'm also happy for them because we all know that's probably not a common occurence for every single group member.  I'm pretty sure at least some of EXO was annoyed with the whole "Wolf" thing, just as a lot some of the fans were.

xiumin kai exo growl m! countdown 130801

I found out today that Nick Bass was the choreographer for "Growl" and I want to go up to him and hug him right now.  You made them get down and dirty, even if it was out of their comfort zone, and it's paying off for them.  I even like the way a few "Wolf" moves have been subtly integrated into the choreography without making a big production of it.

kris d.o. exo growl m! countdown 130801

Have I mentioned I could watch any of these performances all day?  Have I also mentioned how much I'm enjoying this one shot filming thing?  It allows us to see all the boys from all kinds of different angles, which is a refreshing change from the straight on or multi shot views of a particular formation that we normally get.  It's a chance to see how good (or not so good) each person is at doing this dance and I like that.  It's not just Kai or Lay or Sehun being shoved down our throats as the best dancers.  I mean, I didn't even realize Luhan could dance like that!

I'm on a Luhan kick right now... sorry not sorry.

baekhyun kai exo growl m! countdown 130801

Honestly I was wondering how all 12 EXO guys would be able to perform this song on the music shows since many of said shows have such small stages.  I think they came up with a good solution when they decided to pre-record it in a bigger venue, but I'll be curious to see what they're going to do in the future.  I'm also curious to hear them sing it live, so bring it on boys!

So how about you?  Are you as enthused about EXO's first "Growl" performance as I am?

Source: MERCYPLAY via Mnet.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.

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