Video of the Day: XIAH Junsu's 11am

JYJ's Kim Junsu or, as you might know him, XIAH has released a new special preview mv called "11am".  This song is from his upcoming album, "Incredible" and it is incredible, that's for sure.  Be sure to watch this in HD with the subtitles on for optimal enjoyment.


I mean, who else do you know of  that could (or would) have the balls to release a video of themselves singing a capella over the sounds of nature like that?  Who else would sound so stunning while doing so?

xiah junsu 11 am mv

Who else would know just when to have the piano slowly introduce itself into the song?

xiah junsu 11am mv screencap

The look on his face as he feels the music (and the song itself) is my everything right now.

xiah junsu 11 am screencap

Beautifully done, Junsu... really.  Just even listening to the breaths and pauses between each note is an experience that I had to share with you.  The lyrics are also gorgeous.

I've probably mentioned a million times on here that I don't do ballads.  I just don't.  I usually find 99% of them to be boring and/or trite, especially if it's a song for some K-drama OST.  I just can't with those.  However, this song is so spare and full of grace that I cannot resist.  It's beautiful and is a perfect showcase for Junsu's talent.

I never got into JYJ or Junsu until "Tarantallegra" came out, and I'll admit that, even though that song was fabulous, I was never inspired to go out and listen to the rest of his music because of it.  Well, that's all changed now and I'll be checking for him from now on.

XIA's album, "Incredible" will be out on July 15th, but as of now, you can download "11am" on Itunes by clicking here.

What did you think of XIAH Junsu's "11am"?

Source: LOENENT.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.

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