SHINee Taemin's 21st Birthday Appreciation Post

Today was SHINee Taemin's 21st birthday in Korea (he's still 20 in international age), which means he's fully a man now.  Yes, that means it's perfectly okay to ogle him now, you nasty pervs you!  Seriously though, this is a post in appreciation of Taemin and how he's grown over the years.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

shinee taemin red hair korea stars magazine

I am so late with this post!  See, what had happened was... I was all set to do this post earlier in the day but I spent most of my time trying to find pics and videos that I'd seen ages ago and almost forgotten about.  Does this mean that I have no life?  Probably, but it was fun so that's all that counts right?  Let's get this party started!

Taemin started out as a baby of 15 when SHINee first debuted with Replay...

shinee taemin replay era

...and grew up not knowing anything else.

shinee taemin romeo era

shinee taemin ring ding dong era

shinee taemin hello era

Taemin was often even carried around and coddled like a baby...

shinee taemin 10 men magazine

shinee taemin nylon magazine 2010

...and was made to do crazy stuff like this because he looked like a very pretty girl:

shinee taemin romeo era

shinee taemin lucifer era

shinee sherlock photobook

shinee taemin sherlock photobook

He seemed delicate and shy...

shinee taemin airport style 2010

...even though he turned into this fierce dancing machine onstage.

shinee taemin red hair 2011

shinee taemin lucifer era

At first Taemin wasn't allowed to sing.  He was the SHINee member that danced and that's pretty much it.  But he practiced and practiced until he got better:

Now he's got so many parts to sing, he doesn't know what to do with them.
Well, Taemin has certainly come out of his shell.

shinee taemin l'officiel hommes 2013

shinee taemin japan arena tour 2012

He's a hyung now:

And he's all grown up...

shinee taemin nylon mag 2013

shinee taemin jonghyun internet war

...or so he says, anyway.

Side eye, Taemin!  You're still kind of a kid, but that's ok.

I'm so proud of Taemin and I can't wait to see what other talents this man has up his sleeve.  I'm wishing him many more birthdays to come.

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