Awesome MVs You Might Have Missed So Far (Plus One Of The Worst)

Let's be honest here... I rarely watch Kpop music videos that aren't a product of one of my favorite groups, and that's because I'm pretty biased.  I don't tend to think that other groups will have a great video with an equally great song, and I'm often right (in my opinion, anyway).  So you can imagine my surprise when I found these mv gems.  Not only do these videos incorporate imagery that wows me, they're also songs that I'd download and listen to over and over.  Oh, and by the way, there's only one actual Kpop mv included in this list.  Go figure.

screencap of miyavi secret mv

I had no idea who Japanese singer/songwriter/guitar virtuoso Miyavi was until a few months ago when I read an article about how he's considered one of the best guitar players in the world.  Of course, me being me, I decided to postpone listening to any of his music until another day and then promptly forgot about him.  I'm sure it's pretty apropos that I was introduced to his music by this pv, which I encountered when I saw people freaking out over it on my Twitter stream.  I realized just why everyone was having such extreme reactions after watching it.

Warning: Very sexy man in an mv rife with sexual innuendo.  Watch at your own risk.

This song is hot, this mv is hot and he is hot.  Enough said.

Next up I've got a few MVs that I'd consider to be part of the K-Indie genre.  They very much remind me a bit of neo-soul, which was very popular in the '90s.  It's nice to see this kind of music make a comeback; or has it been around this whole time and I wasn't paying attention?  Ah well....

First is this incredible video and song by a group named BNR feat. Ann.  It's called "Did Not Say Anything" and I am completely loving everything about it.

What a great idea for an mv!  I love the washed out vintage tone of it, the cinematography, the usage of what looks like stop motion photography, the rapping, the female singer's voice.  Excellent.

This next one came out on June 30th and it's by Dynamic Duo.  It's called "BAAM".

I haven't heard a song use a talkbox (just learned that term!) in ages.  How '70s of them, but it fits so well with the song.  One thing though: Why is INFINITE at the end of this mv?  Was it necessary?  Seems like a stunt to get some fangirl views, which is sad because I'd have watched it anyway.

I have to say, Brand New Music puts out some consistently great music that sadly doesn't get as recognized as it should overseas.  That sucks.  Go listen to some more.

Next, how about some Swings feat. that Reply 1997 hottie Seo In Guk?

Call me crazy, but I never realized SIG could sing that well.  I know he won Superstar K a few years back but damn... Nice!

For something totally different, let's take a look at this mv that came out the other day.  It's by actor/musician No Min Woo aka ICON and it's as if he distilled everything about the '80s and made it current and I like that.  Besides, he's a cutie so that's a big plus in my book.

Now on to that Kpop I promised you.  I've included this mv for the song called "Tarzan" by WonderBoyz, which I never in my life would've watched if I hadn't caught the Eat Your Kimchi peeps talking about it.  I'm really glad I did, because I love it.

I understand that the storyline of this guy stalking this girl is kind of creepy but lets get past that.  The song is catchy as hell and the mv is so well done.  The concept is awesome, even if the guy that plays Tarzan has some sort of weird afro.  I'm totally ignoring all that in favor of how good the song is.

The choreography is also really good, and you can watch it all in the "Tarzan" dance practice.  Fyi, I find it pretty odd to watch a 4 person Kpop group perform by themselves, don't you?  I keep thinking someone is missing from their formation.

I know this is kind of cheating but I had to include the dance practice video for 15&'s "Somebody" since the choreography is so cute and the song is equally adorable.  The actual mv for "Somebody" isn't that great, so I know if I'd watched it first I wouldn't have been as into it.

I found this one through Twitter the other day.  In fact I think I found all of these MVs through Twitter, which is why I follow so many people.  You're awesome!

Lastly, here's the music video that I consider one of the worst of the year so far, if not the whole year.  This one is by Jang Geun Suk and it's called "Nature Boy/Indian Summer". Don't ask, just watch and I promise you'll be entertained, if only for all the wrong reasons.

I laugh every time I've watched this, which was once.

Yes JGS is wearing a really bad weave, all kinds of femme jewelry, and at one point I swear I saw him wearing some flowy wide leg pants (that I probably own) and some feathery mules.  Yes I said feathered mules.  How about that neon rave, where he dances around in an outfit from Chicos?  I just know the extras were thinking, "WTH, dude??", especially after he handed out copies of his head shots as "gifts".... or something.  How about that really bad song?  It seems as if the comments for this video were disabled, and no wonder.  He probably got so much hate from many of the over 400,000 people who watched it. :Sigh:  I wish he'd just stick to acting.

So the moral of this post is:

A. Follow a whole bunch of people on Twitter, for obvious reasons.
B. Jang Geun Suk needs to stop it now.
C. Don't be musically closed minded, because you never know when you'll find something awesome.

Liked any of the videos?  Hated them?  Comment below!

Source: MiyaviVEVOBrandnewmusickoreaamoebakoreaCJENMMUSICponycanyon.  Screencap by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.

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