INFINITE Announces A For Real World Tour!

Damn guys!  There's so much good Kpop news these days, I don't even know what to do!  Today my feels are all about INFINITE and their newly announced 1st World Tour, One Great Step.

infinite one great step press con 130610_1

We're talking an actual, FOR REAL, world tour, in which they'll go to other countries besides just Asia.  I'm so frickin' excited!  Check it out:

They'll be going to all these great places and more, starting in August of this year:

infinite one great step world tour stops screencap

New York means I get to go, which is awesome.  I don't tend to write about them a lot on here but I consider INFINITE to be one of my top 5 Kpop groups, considering that they're all so talented.  Plus their super synchronized dancing and trademark angled choreography is incredible.  I couldn't pass this opportunity up for anything.

infinite's one great step world tour press con 130610
Infinite at their One Great Step press con 130610.

As Hoya said at their press conference today:
"We debuted on June 9, 2010, and yesterday was our third anniversary. I can′t believe we′ll be going on the world tour we′ve dreamed of since we were trainees, and it′s like a dream. I′m excited and happy."

Sungyeol let us know how the title came about:
"Niel Armstrong said his first step on the moon was ′one small step for a man′. We took that phrase and made it ′one great step′. It upgrades the meaning, and it means you can look forward to what′s coming."
I cannot wait to see songs like "Be Mine" performed in person: 

INFINITE- Be Mine Music Core 110723:

Or how about seeing them do the Scorpion Dance live?

INFINITE- Before the Dawn Music Bank comeback stage 111104:

I'm gonna start saving from now... who knows who else will be announcing world tours between now and then??

Will they be releasing a new album before then?  What special stages do they have in store for us?  So many questions I can't wait to find out the answers to, so check back soon for more INFINITE news!

Will you be going to see INFINITE in concert?

Source: woolliment, enewsworldMBCkpopvietanhmsg1.

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