Fashion DON'T: G-Dragon's Japan To Korea Airport Style 130619

I'm usually fawning over G-Dragon's style on this blog but today I had to take a step back and wonder what the hell he was thinking when he woke up and chose his outfit for the day.  This outfit looks like a hodgepodge of pieces thrown on just to have something to cover his body, but you know what?  I'm quite sure he picked each piece for maximum effect.  Behold G-Dragon's airport style for today, as he came back from Japan:

Oh my gawd YES!!  I love you.  It's been such a slow news week I was beginning to think I'd have nothing to write about today but here's GD to the rescue.  Such a big help.. thanks.  :daps:

Did you shave your legs today?  They look pretty smooth.


I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one, GD.  This outfit is just plain atrocious.  My favorite part?  The black socks and overly big shoes.

I made these pics extra big for your viewing pleasure.

I always wonder why the hell GD always has on such, as I call them, big ass shoes!  I'm beginning to think that his feet are smaller than a men's size 7, which is the smallest adult male shoe size (a women's size 9).  I'm betting his feet are smaller than that and I can admit that I feel his pain.  I've seen some awesome too big men's shoes that I've wanted for myself.

Here's my problem though: Either give them up or put some insoles in, because it just looks dumb PLUS it'll give you bunions, corns, or all of the above.  Wearing too big shoes can do that to women too.  Same for too small shoes, so stop it.  It's a pet peeve...

These brogues happen to be men's Prada wingtips from their fw 2012 collection, which we've also seen T.O.P wearing.  You might be able to find these on Ebay, if you are so inclined.

My OTHER favorite part are, of course, the shorts!  Those are the same shorts he wore in CL's "The Baddest Female" mv, which happen to be from Mugler's ss 2013 line.

Thankfully he's tiny so they're not this short.  I don't think I want or need to be seeing the lower part of GD's butt cheeks, thankyouverymuch!

A big thank you to whoever made this, because I love you too.

Daesung also flew in from Japan with him today, and provided a much needed sober counterpoint to all of Jiyong's fripperies.

Fyi, GD was in Japan to attend Daesung's concert, which is where that scarf came from.  

All I can say is keep up the good work, Jiyong!  I'll never have a lack of things to talk about on this blog with you on the loose, that's for sure. 

What do you think of G-Dragon's outfit?

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