Watch Beatburger's Official UMF Korea Video Featuring SHINee

Beatburger has just released an official video of their June 15th performance on the UMF Korea stage, which includes some nice SHINee footage.  Take a look:

shinee x beatburger umf korea


2NE1 Is Actually Coming Back, For Real This Time

The official word is out!  YG Entertainment has finally released a teaser photo for 2NE1's much anticipated new single, "Falling In Love".

2ne1 falling in love teaser image


[Fancams & Fan Accounts] SHINee World 2013- Boys Meet U Japan Arena Tour in Saitama

Part 2 of the SHINee World 2013- Boys Meet U Japan Arena Tour in Saitama Day 1 and 2 Mega Post.  

As reported by fans that attended the concerts, security was extremely tight and many Shawols were not able to use their cameras to take videos or pics.  However, some fans were sneaky enough to take LQ pics, fancams and fan accounts and I have compiled a large selection of them for you.  Since there are so many, I have made two separate posts for easier viewing.

Scroll down for fancams and fan accounts from SHINee World 2013 JAT in Saitama.  


[Mega Pic Post] SHINee World 2013- Boys Meet U Japan Arena Tour Day 1 & 2

Part 1 of the SHINee World 2013- Boys Meet U Japan Arena Tour in Saitama Day 1 and 2 Mega Post.  

As reported by fans that attended the concerts, security was extremely tight and many Shawols were not able to use their cameras to take videos or pics.  However, some fans were sneaky enough to take LQ pics, fancams and fan accounts and I have compiled a large selection of them for you.  Since there are so many, I have made two separate posts for easier viewing.

Scroll down for pics from SHINee World 2013 JAT in Saitama.  
Click here for fancams and fan accounts.



Kpop WTF: G-Dragon To Release Another Album In August, But Where's Taeyang's?

YG Entertainment's CEO, Mr. Yang Hyun Suk himself, has recently taken to the YG-Life blog to expound on what's going to be going on with YG artists for the 2nd half of 2013.  On the 25th he dropped some G-Dragon knowledge that has sent Kpop fans into a tizzy, but where's the news on Taeyang's new album?  That's what I really want to know.

gd and yb


UPDATED: Get Your SHINee x Skechers Tees And Caps Before They Sell Out!

I've posted this on other mediums already but, just in case you don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter, here's the skinny on where you can buy your SHINee x Naver x Skechers stuff:

UPDATED: With links for international buying.



SHINee's "Boys Meet U" Photobook Is Ready For You To Drool Over

I'll make this short and sweet because I know you're not visiting this post to read my words, you're here to see SHINee's "Boys Meet U" photobook scans.  Get to scrolling!

shinee boys meet u photobook pic 1



Video of the Day: SHINee's "Breaking News" Full PV

The full pv for SHINee's "Breaking News" has just been released in Japan, meaning that an enterprising young Shawol has already managed to hijack it and post it up to some random internet video site that I've never even heard of.  Sadly I was not able to upload it here but I knew if I waited just a few minutes, someone would add it to YouTube.... and I was right.

shinee breaking news screencap 1


UPDATED: Have You Listened To SHINee's "Boys Meet U" Album Medley Yet?

SHINee's "Boys Meet U" album will be out on July 26th and Universal Music Japan has released an album medley for us Shawols waiting in breathless anticipation.  Brace yourselves!

UPDATED: With English subs for their Performance A show video.

shinee boys meet u album medley



Take A Look At SHINee"s "Boys Meet U" Individual Teasers + More Info

It's almost time for SHINee to release their "Boys Meet U" album, so they're ramping up all the teaser action.  I've got some individual teaser shots of the boys for you, plus some other little tidbits.  Read on!

minho shinee boys meet u teaser



UPDATED- Video of the Day: SHINee's "Breaking News" PV Short Version

Damn that SHINee!  I was just about to go to bed, was scrolling through my Twitter sources and what pops up?  The short version of a new Japanese pv called "Breaking News".  Sigghhh... The perils of blogging about people that come out with stuff when I should be sleeping.  Seriously though, I'm actually very exited on the inside.  Go watch!

UPDATED: Scroll down for the full song.

shinee breaking news short pv screencap #1



Fashion DON'T: G-Dragon's Japan To Korea Airport Style 130619

I'm usually fawning over G-Dragon's style on this blog but today I had to take a step back and wonder what the hell he was thinking when he woke up and chose his outfit for the day.  This outfit looks like a hodgepodge of pieces thrown on just to have something to cover his body, but you know what?  I'm quite sure he picked each piece for maximum effect.  Behold G-Dragon's airport style for today, as he came back from Japan:



Watch 20 Minutes Of SHINee's 5th Anniversary Party On ETN Star File

Alright guys, I almost posted this to Facebook only but I refrained, mostly because I wanted to fangirl over it with everyone here.  This is just what the title says: 20+ minutes of all of SHINee's performances  at their 5th Anniversary Party on May 24th, courtesy of ETN Star File.  Apparently ETN Star File does a lot of concert footage and things like that.  Well, enjoy and be sure to post your fangirl/fanboy feels in the comments!


G-Dragon Is A Haute Mad Scientist In Cosmopolitan's July Issue

G-Dragon recently teamed up with Glaceu Vitamin Water to be their most recent spokesperson and has already released a series of commercials for the brand.  Next up for GD?  A Cosmopolitan Magazine spread (and interview) featuring him as what I take to be a mad scientist, cooking up some of that good old Vitamin Water.

g-dragon for cosmopolitan x vitamin water july 2013_1


Kpop WTF: B.A.P To Make A Summer Comeback With 3 Songs

TS Entertainment announced yesterday that their not-so-rookie-anymore super group, B.A.P, would be staging a large scale comeback on June 28th with their 3rd mini album.  They were recently caught filming an mv in Las Vegas and it's been revealed that they'll be releasing and promoting 3 songs from the new album.  What??!

b.a.p live on earth wanted teaser released 130618
B.A.P's 1st teaser was released today.


Kpop Rookie Face Off: LC9 vs. Bangtan Boys

As it stands this year over 30 rookie Kpop groups have debuted and only a very few have even made it to the public consciousness.  A couple of them have managed to catch my eye in the past few weeks, and those two would be LC9 and Bangtan Boys.  The why of it lies solely in their debut music videos.  The two groups have surprised me with their brash, bold and take-no-prisoner videos and I'm pretty hard pressed to pick a favorite.  So... why not have them battle it out?

bangtan boys vs lc9



Mega Post: SHINee x Beatburger At Ultra Music Festival Korea

Today SHINee had the honor of appearing on stage at UMF Korea, or the Ultra Music Festival, with Beatburger.  UMF, which takes place annually, is the world's most famous outdoor electronica festival.  The festival was originally created with a focus on electronica, but it has grown over the years to showcase music from the biggest and best EMD (electronic dance music) artists to crossover EMD artists.  The festival takes place in Miami, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ibiza and Korea, and thousands of people come from all over to attend.  So, to have SHINee perform there is pretty much a big deal.

shinee x beatburger at umf 130615


SHINee's Jonghyun Hijacks EXO's 2nd Winning "Wolf" Stage On Music Core

So EXO won for the 2nd time with "Wolf" on Music Core today... yayyyy!  I'm extra happy for them because they are some hard working dongsaengs.  However I have to admit that my favorite part of this whole thing was when SHINee's Jonghyun appeared out of nowhere with a gigantic bouquet of flowers for them and ended up kind of taking over.

exo with shinee's minho and jonghyun



EXO Wins For The First Time Ever With "Wolf" On Music Bank

EXO has won their first comeback stage win ever with "Wolf" on KBS's Music Bank today and I'm so proud of them!  You can tell these boys have practiced their singing and dancing so hard and it has finally paid off.  Watch their full interview, performance and ending stage below:

screencap of exo on music bank 1st win



Idol Style: G-Dragon's Off-Duty Fashion

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that G-Dragon is one stylish mother f-er.  When on stage, or out promoting, G-Dragon's outfits can veer from moderately outlandish to extreme eccentricity; he's in your face and he likes it that way.  But when he's out and about, hitting up those invitation only parties as GD, or at the airport as plain old Kwon Ji Yong, he's a tad bit more subdued... up to a point.

Today is all about off-duty G-Dragon, but I like him any which way.  How about you?

g-dragon my boon opening 120605



UPDATED: SHINee Designed Skechers Wares Will Soon Be Out

SHINee has been spokespeople for Skechers since March of this year but now they're taking their partnership a bit further:

UPDATED: With individual HD pics from the Skechers design photoshoot.

Shinee for skechers brand



EXO Is Always At The Airport: A Fashion Retrospective

It's true.... The members of EXO-K and EXO-M are ALWAYS at the airport.  I'm never sure where they're going or what they're going to be doing when they get there, but I'm forever seeing the pics.  There's often some major fashion moments taking place in these pics; some good, some bad but always notable.  Enjoy:

This post is image heavy

exo airport fashion 1


INFINITE Announces A For Real World Tour!

Damn guys!  There's so much good Kpop news these days, I don't even know what to do!  Today my feels are all about INFINITE and their newly announced 1st World Tour, One Great Step.

infinite one great step press con 130610_1



Kpop Dance Video: Block B's B-Bomb X Repter

More dance stuff (yay!) and this time it's Block B's B-Bomb doing Repter's choreography to Zion-T's "Gray".  This video was posted on June 1st but it's too good to overlook.


Kpop WTF: Stardom Entertainment Beats The Crap Out Of Block B

Remember all the way back in January of this year when it came out that Block B filed an injuction against their company, Brand New Stardom (aka Stardom Entertainment) for not paying them all their well earned money?  Well, guess what happened yesterday?  You guessed it... Block B lost.  I figured this was coming but DAMN is it f*cked up!

Block B wanna b album image


SHINee Talks About Their "Boys Meet U" Album

Yesterday Universal Music Japan posted up a little video of our favorite boys, SHINee, talking about their soon to be released Japanese album "Boys Meet U".  You can watch it here with English subs, so take a look:

Boys meet u shinee album art



Watch Henry Lau's "Trap" MV And Music Bank Debut

Henry Lau's mv for "Trap" is finally out!  He also participated in a little Music Bank comeback action, with the help of his good chingus, Taemin and Khyuhyun.  Watch both videos below:

henry lau trap mv screencap


CL Works It Out In Her "The Baddest Female" Dance Practice Video

Now this is what I'm talking about right here!  By this I mean that YG Entertainment unleashed CL's dance practice video for "The Baddest Female" on us mere mortals today and I am loving it.

cl the baddest female dance practice



UPDATED: Henry Lau's "Trap" MV Is Delayed, So Listen To The Album Instead

SM Entertainment announced yesterday that they would be delaying the mv for Henry Lau's debut song, "Trap" (featuring SHINee's Taemin and Super Junior's Kyuhyun) because of quality issues.  They wanted to release the best mv they possibly can, so they're making us wait.  Booooo!  Hisss!  What's up with that?  Well some enterprising people uploaded the album to their YouTube page, which means we get to listen to it.  This also means that you need to listen quickly before SMent shuts those accounts down like they never existed before.

henry lau trap mv collage with taemin + kyuhyun


Watch Some Of SHINee's 5th Anniversary Party Talk Cuts With English Subs

It's been a few weeks since SHINee's 5th Anniversary Party took place but it hasn't completely left my mind.  I'm still marveling that these boys are going strong 5 years later, since so many Kpop bands disappear quickly.  As I sat here thinking about it, I decided to take a look to see if any English subs had appeared and, what do you know??  Our favorite subber has done it again.  Take a look at Airyarielle0718's subs of some of nudepencil's talk cuts from the fan party and enjoy!

Shinee 5th anniversary party talk cuts eng subs



CL Is A Bad Mama Jama On Inkigayo + A Revealing Interview

Love CL's "The Baddest Female" or hate it, you have to admit the girl can perform the hell out of a song.  She did just that on her first solo Inkigayo comeback stage, which took place on June 2nd, and if you've watched it already, you should watch it again:

cl the baddest female on inkigayo



Henry Lau's "Trap" Teaser Medley + More News

Henry Lau of Super Junior M recently surprised us with the news about his upcoming solo album.

Henry Lau teaser image trap



Henry Lau's Teaser For "Trap" Is Out!

Super Junior-M's Henry Lau continues to make a bid for freedom from SM Entertainment's basement by releasing the teaser for his mv, "Trap".  Take a look:

Screencap Henry Lau Trap mv teaser

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