Videos of the Day: EXO's "Wolf" MVs And Comeback Stage

EXO released their mv for their much anticipated new song, "Wolf" this morning and, even though it seems that so many people dislike it, I think I'm going to have to (as a reader called it) "pull an Erika".  "Pulling an Erika" is apparently what happens when I talk shit about the teasers to a new song, mv or album leading up to it's release, and then backpedal and say that I like it afterwards.

:Deep sigh:

This happens so often.  When will I learn?

EXO's Wolf Korean version:

EXO's Wolf Chinese version:

Here's what I started out thinking as I watched the videos this morning:

"Oh.. interesting.  Oh wait, that's a tree!  Wow."

"The song isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  Except the chorus... that's still bad."

Towards the middle I was like:

"Damn, this choreography is incredible!"

"I will take one of all of the outfits, thanks... except Kai's rope jacket because ugh."

"Chen, D.O. and Bacon's voices... what??  Whattt???"

"Who did this choreography again??"

And at the end:


I even said "wow" out loud.

So in a nutshell, I liked it quite a bit.  Now that doesn't mean I'll download the song like I did when my jams "What Is Love" or "MAMA" came out or anything, but I like it.  Meanwhile, I LOVE the choreography with a passion.

"Wolf" reminds me of a darker version of SNSD's "I Got A Boy" in that it's got all these parts to it that make it sound frenetic as all get out.  Somehow it works better for me than "I Got A Boy", which didn't match SNSD's style at all so they didn't pull it off as well (I think so, anyway).  This is EXO's style all the way.  This is what they train for so they pull it off in spades.  Parts I could have done without:  The "sarangheo" in that weird voice and the chorus.

This time around I prefer the singing on the Chinese version over the Korean version.  I also really like that the boys are all performing together this time around.  I guess SMent realized that having them be separate wasn't quite working out like they thought it would.

The imagery of the choreography in this mv is astounding.  The trees, the wolf cave, the circling of the pack member, the wolf bounding out of the cave, the stalking of the wolves on the ground.  Just stunning.  Standing ovation for you, Tony Testa.

Did you notice how long they hold the tree pose for?  That takes stomach muscles of steel, my friends.  Now I know why they took so long to stage a comeback, if this is what they had to work on and perfect.  I just hope they took the time to perfect their live singing while they were at it.

And here I was thinking the "Sherlock" choreography was hard!

Kai and Lay... you're killing me.  Your dancing is just beyond words.  Kai manages to make the wolf look believable.  He's fierce, his lines are impeccable and he hits every move so hard.  Damn, I love him ever so.  Lay is more fluid and has a sleekness to his work.  If they were an actual wolf pack, Kai would be the chillingly hungry wolf pack leader while Lay would be the favored wolf that gets all the attention and love.

I love this part.

I love this part too.

I especially love this part.

Here's where I make myself unpopular:  I know people love the heck out of Kris but he is so awkward when he dances and his rapping ain't all that great either.  Why is he in the front every single time?

Don't hate me, it's just an opinion.

Moving right along to their comeback stage.

EXO performs "Wolf" on M! Countdown:

Well done, guys.  I just really hope that they've done a lot of working on their live singing, because their last music show stages were atrocious.  I cringed everytime, until I just stopped watching.  That's just sad.  When SHINee first hit the stage they could sing, and if they couldn't they just danced and pretended to sing or rapped.  They came off like they'd been doing it for a long time.  EXO needs some of that confidence in their singing.  Let's hope they've gotten it.

What did you think of EXO's "Wolf"?  

Source: SMTOWNloveonew4ever2.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.

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