SHINee's Week In Review: "Why So Serious?" + Some Fashion Info

Last week SHINee came back with their "Why So Serious?" and "SHINe" stages, and this week they continue to make us smile with their fabulous-ness.  They performed their butts off on Music Bank and Music Core, then moved on to Inkigayo on the 28th.  I've got quite a few videos for ya, so let's get started.

Shinee's Week in review Why So Serious?

SHINee's SHINe & Why So Serious on Inkigayo:

The boys then moved on to MBC's Show Champion yesterday.  Check out their mini interview with English subs, followed by SHINe + Why So Serious?:

Don't you love that interview?  I sure did.  They're so honest sometimes... gotta love them.  They're like "Please come back Jonghyun... PLEEEEZE!!!".

Show Champion also had this little gem for you- SHINee's True Backstage BTS:

Sorry for the LQ vid.  I'll definitely update it if it becomes available, hopefully with English subs.

Today our shining guys graced M! Countdown with their presence, and did an incredible job:

Thank you to M! Countdown camera people for finally managing to calmly film their Why So Serious? performance. I think this is the most I've seen of the choreography on any of the dance shows they've been on so far.

Taemin, Key and Onew were also the MCs for M! Countdown, and I've got all their cuteness and silliness immortalized in cuts for you below.

Shinee Why So Serious M! Countdown 130502

As you can see above, they're wearing really cool customized leather jackets.  A reader let me know that they might just be wearing 23 year old designer Claire Barrow's jackets, which she's customized for the likes of Rihanna. 

Claire Barrow Jacket

Claire Barrow jacket 2

SHINee is going for an obvious '80s punk vibe, so it makes sense that their stylists would head to England for all the trappings of punk fashion.  You know it must really suck to clean all the sweat out of those jackets, though.

Lastly, Mnet's Wide News showed this Why So Serious? MV Making and BTS today, which was super cute.  Enjoy!

So here's my question of the day:

Which of SHINee's "Why So Serious?" comeback performances have been your favorite?

Leave me a comment with that info and stay tuned for more SHINee goodness!  Also, be sure to visit me on one of the links below for even more info.

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