SHINee is Finally 5 Again On M! Countdown: Welcome Back Jonghyun!

Jonghyun is back!  Yes that's right, my Shawol friends, SHINee is finally 5 again.  Earlier this morning the boys appeared on M! Countdown for their first "Why So Serious?" goodbye stage.  There's been lots of fangirling and fanboying (is that fanperson-ing?) going on all over the world and, in fact, we even managed to trend  a Korean phrase on Twitter for over an hour.  How fun is that?  Read on for a ton of screencaps and some pics & video:

shinee why so serious? m! countdown 130523

Look at our OT5 them up there!  Repeat after me:  I'm so glad our Jjongie is back!  He's looking a bit thin and pale, but that's ok.  You know the poor guy has probably not been outside for more than a few minutes for months.  Didn't you know he's the real zombie in WSS?

Here they are backstage on Mnet Wide News and listen to all those screams when Jjong appears on stage:

SHINee and Shawols rocked it out!

Let's talk about "Sleepless Night" for a minute...

shinee jonghyun and minho sleepless night
You know Minho and Jjong have lost weight when their pants are loose.  

I thought they all sounded so good, including our favorite Dino boy.  Phew!  I was so worried that his voice would sound strained, but it seems like SM Ent brought him back at a good time.

shinee jonghyun m! countdown 130523_1
Sing it diva style, Jonghyun!

Minho's low tone complimented this beautiful arrangement, Onew sounded so smooth as always, and Taemin's voice continues to amaze and delight me, but Key!  Oh my gawd, Key.  He has obviously been working on his voice and it really came through here.  I'm thinking he's managed to redeem himself after that sad sack "Replay" stage from the other day.

shinee key m! countdown 130523 sleepless night

shinee onew sleepless night m countdown 130523

shinee minho m! countdown sleepless night

shinee taemin sleepless night 130523

The only thing I'm sad about in this whole situation is that Jonghyun is back at the last minute.  Listen, I'm not saying that Bling Bling Jonghyun is the best singer ever or that he left this huge gaping hole in SHINee that no one could ever fill... or am I??   I  just think that when a song is written and choreographed for 5 people, it's pretty damned noticeable when someone is missing from that configuration.

shinee sleepless night m! countdown 130523

The 4 boys held their own in the past few weeks, but everything is better when all 5 boys are together.

Today's WSS was the best yet, and it is my honest opinion that SHINee would've won for "Why So Serious?" at least once if Puppy Jonghyun had been there the whole time.  

shinee why so serious m! countdown 130523

Watching Jamong's tiny body bounce around with the rest of them was the highlight of my day so far; I found my eyes straying towards him over and over just to see what spin he would put on each move.  Minho, Onew, Taemin and Key have been looking pretty damned exhausted recently, and their stages have suffered because of that, but they seemed to have acquired a visible burst of energy here.  

A few people showed up to my #JONGHYUNisBACK chat party  at 5 am (for us on the East Coast!) and we had a little bet going to see if Jjong would do the WSS split or what I like to call "the Onew":

shinee on m! countdown why so serious 130523

Nice job on "the Onew"!  It was either done to keep everything symmetrical or because he still is in a bit of pain.  Either way, watching this part made my perma-grin even bigger.

M! Countdown ending stage feat. Shinhwa:

These guys are silly as hell, and always the last to leave the stage.

All in all, I think it's been an excellent first day back together as 5HINee, don't you ??

shinee goodbye stage why so serious m! countdown
Bow down to the OT5.

Leave me a comment below with your thoughts on today's performance.

Stay tuned for more SHINee madness!  

May 25th will be their 5th Anniversary, which means I'll be doing a few fun spazz posts and I was thinking that one of them could be about what SHINee means to me and you.  

Leave me a message here: https://www.facebook.com/OddnessWeirdness  or an email here:  Contact Me with a few lines on why you like SHINee and/or well wishes for the boys on their continuing success.  If I get enough messages, I'll compile it into a fun SHINee appreciation post here on the blog.  

Source: TanVuLiveKBS2 via Mnet, my daily, KMnetLive2fuckyeahjonghyunlovess501501.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.

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