Steal Their Style: G-Dragon's Harajuku Street Fashion

G-Dragon was spotted shopping on the streets of Harajuku, Japan the other day and I was instantly captivated by his outfit.  You know I love me some of GD's style but he really made me do a triple take with this one.  I'm referring to this high/low shirt dress and leggings combo he was sporting on April 10th:

GD on Instagram: 겨울이가고봄이찾아오죠
Trans: Winter is gone, spring has arrived (Lyrics from Blue)

I first fell in love with this outfit when I happened upon this pic on Twitter:

What would you do if you saw GD randomly walking down the street?  I'd totally freeze or act a fool.  I'm not quite sure which way I'm leaning, though... we'll just have to see if it ever happens.

So, can I just tell you how much I love that shirt?  And when I say love, I do mean absolutely LOVE.  I immediately knew I had to find it and buy it.  Of course I said that while cringing, because we all know how much GD pays for his clothes.  I was hoping that this outfit was something he found in the $200-$300 range, but sadly that did not come to pass.  Behold the Givenchy extended back hem tunic:

I'm sorry but these shoes are not cute.

Yes obviously this tunic had to be by Givenchy and obviously this is the sleeveless version.  Of course it costs "only" $885.  Siggghhhh.  Fyi, you can find this shirt on Barneys.com.  If you find the long sleeved version somewhere, let me know!

Question:  Am I the only one that finds it kind of odd to see a muscular guy wearing these types of gothic ninja pieces?  I feel that as a guy you need to be as skinny as G-Dragon to wear this sort of thing, and I find it really jarring when I see brawny legs sticking out of the bottom of some man skirt type deal.  Is that just me?  Am I the weird one here?

It looks like GD could have been wearing the same pants as pictured above, which are the Givenchy Leather Slim Trim Jean, but I'm thinking that he probably had these on:

Givenchy Patch Jeans, $810 here.

He definitely had his fave Thom Browne loafers on, as well as the Thome Browne sunglasses he wore in the beginning of the "Crayon" mv:

Thom Browne TB-002-B-Flip

You can get these sunglasses here for $750.

Love his style or hate it?  Leave me a comment with your thoughts below.

Source: @xxxibgdrgn, translation cr. bigbangupdates, barneys, @ichivip.
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