Editorials Past: Big Bang's T.O.P For Calvin Klein & 1st Look

When I found the official video for T.O.P from Big Bang's November 2011 1st Look magazine editorial I knew I had to post this on the blog.  Calvin Klein and 1st Look flew T.O.P to Brooklyn, NY for this James Dean inspired editorial and had him walk around while they took pics.  All he had to do was stand there and look normal yummy.  Then they had him do a voice over for the official video, in which he talks about things like:
“I like the wind. I like the liberating wind.  In the midst of the wind, I am present.” 
It's a bit much, but still... Mmmm...  Be sure to scroll down for the video.  Enjoy T.O.P's face, because I sure did.

Rebel Without A Cause

Big Bang's T.O.P 1st Look Calvin Klein 1


UPDATED: Watch Episode 1 of "We Got Married" With Taemin And Na Eun

Ok fangirls and fanboys, it's the day that you've been waiting for!  I've got an unblocked video of the first episode of "We Got Married" featuring SHINee's Taemin and A Pink's Na Eun.  I searched far and wide...  Ok not really, it only took me about 15 minutes.  I like to exaggerate, if you haven't realized that already.

Sadly all the cut versions seem to have been taken down from YouTube so you'll have to watch the whole show.  Hey, at least you can watch it right?

UPDATED: With English Subs!  Damn that was quick.



SHINee Does It Zombie Style For Their Second "Why So Serious?" Comeback Stage

Earlier today SHINee shook their stuff on MBC's Music Core, once again performing "SHINe" along with "Why So Serious?"  Even though there's still only four of them, they had no problems showing us just what it takes to own the stage and have the crowd in the palms of their hands.

Shinee Why So Serious? Music Core screencap 130427



SHINee Makes Their Comeback With "Why So Serious?" and "SHINe" On Music Bank

After releasing their follow up to "Dream Girl" last night, SHINee went all in today with their comeback stages for "Why So Serious?".  They also performed their new song "SHINE" AND sang live.  A SM Entertainment group singing live for their first comeback stage?  Whattt?!?  I'm shocked I tell you!

Shinee Why So Serious? Music Bank 130427_1


Video of the Day: SHINee's "Why So Serious?" + Album Info

Those fabulous SHINee boys, ahem... men... have officially released their mv for "Why So Serious?", as well as the album "Why So Serious? The Misconceptions of Me".  Are you excited?  I know I am.

Shinee Why So Serious mv BTS image 1



While We're Waiting, Enjoy More Teaser Pics From SHINee's "Why So Serious?" Album

I've compiled more teaser pics for SHINee's "Why So Serious? The Misconceptions of Me" album.  What better time to check them out than when we're waiting anxiously for the "Why So Serious?" mv to be released?  Just scroll down and enjoy, and keep calm, because SHINee's back!

Shinee Why So Serious? teaser image


Watch This: SHINee's Wonderful Day Episode 10 With English Subs

As sad as it seems, today is the last day that I'll be writing this phrase: Watch SHINee's Wonderful Day.  That's because episode 10 of the show has been English subbed by our wonderful and favorite subber, airyarielle0718.  Let's watch, and then we can always talk about our favorite parts of the past 10 episodes.

Shinee's Wonderful Day episode 10 English sub screencap edit



Check Out SHINee's "Why So Serious?" Album Highlight Medley

SM Entertainment decided to delight and amaze us today by releasing the "Why So Serious? The Misconceptions of Me" album highlight medley.  Join me in taking a listen to this gem:

Shinee "Why So Serious?" image teaser edit



SHINee's "Why So Serious?" MV Teaser Is Here! But No Jonghyun...

SM Entertainment revealed the teaser for SHINee's eagerly awaited "Why So Serious" mv today, with a big surprise:  No Jonghyun.

shinee why so serious screencap edit



SHINee Releases More Teasers For "Why So Serious?"

Are you ready to see the mv teaser for SHINee's "Why So Serious?"  Well it's not out quite yet but I do have the new album cover and some more pic teasers for you.

shinee's why so serious album cover


Kpop WTF: SHINee's Taemin and A Pink's Na Eun Get Together For "We Got Married"

As I'm sure many of you have heard, it was recently announced that SHINee's Taemin would be appearing on the show "We Got Married" and that he would be partnered with A Pink's Na Eun.  As soon as I heard this I started laughing for obvious reasons.  Why was I laughing?  Well I know nothing about the show, really, but I do know that it involves 2 Kpop stars "dating", "living together" and "getting married".

Obviously this news started a shit storm of protests.  Taemin stans were shocked, they were appalled and they are guaranteed to be sitting around their TVs watching when his episodes are first aired.   The "We Got Married" producers are ratings geniuses, I tell you!  Let's take a look at the teaser that was released today:

shinee's taemin and a pink's na eun we got married teaser screencap
Taemin's loving look.



Day 5 [Guest Blogger Week] A Rant About Kpop Fans

Today's the last day of Guest Blogger Week on the blog and we started with a bang, so we're going out with a bang.  I'm bringing you a very strongly worded post from Line (aka Nani) of Nancakes.org.  She's from Denmark but currently living in Seoul, South Korea (jealous!) and I met her through this blog because I posted a video of Shinee's Key at Seoul Fashion Week here last year and she was in it.  How funny is that??  Nani is infamous for her rants about stuff, so I knew when I asked her that we'd be in for it. :)  She also blogs and vlogs about makeup and Kpop, amongst other things.  Just remember, if you don't like curse words, or are easily offended, don't read on.  Enjoy!

Nani Rants About Kpop Fans

Written by Nani of Nancakes.org

Let's start an argument among kpop fans, shall we? (just kidding... maybe) I'm not really gonna talk about the crazy-ass nut job "fans", also known as the infamous "sasaeng fans" (사생팬) today, because let's face it.. those are not really fans. However, having lived in Korea for 9 months now and having experienced how extremely rude and shameless we Western fans have apparently become, I'd like to politely ask you all to calm the fuck down for a second. I may get a little riled up in this entry, but this is something I've had on my mind for a while, and this "Guest Blogger Week" was (at least in my opinion) the perfect opportunity to get it out there. I try to be as good a person as I can be, but I'm not perfect - nobody is. There are just a few things I'd like to encourage kpop fans to either do or not do. If you feel a little "omg TLDR" already, you can always skip to the last two paragraphs. ^__^)/

Private img. that I took w/my cellphone at the GD concert


Video of the Day: G-Dragon's "MichiGO"

The day has finally come, even though I thought it would never get here.  I'm talking about the fact that G-Dragon has finally released the mv for "MichiGO", but it was certainly worth the wait, don't you think?  Let's take a look, but make sure you watch it in HD to really appreciate the pops of color.

g-dragon michigo mv screencap and recap


More SHINee "Why So Serious? The Misconceptions Of Me" News

It's been revealed today that SHINee will be releasing the 1st teaser for their upcoming sequel to "Chapter 1: Dream Girl- The Misconceptions of You" on April 22nd.  Yes!  Not that far from now.  A second image teaser was also revealed.  Read on for more info:

shinee why so serious teaser 2


SHINee Is Suave and Sexy In The May Issue of High Cut, Vol. 100

Ok SHINee... Unf!  Get out of here with this pictorial for High Cut magazine's 100th issue!  Ok no, really please don't, because they're looking really yummy in these pics.  Onew looks especially tasty, laid out like that, but let me not get ahead of myself.  I also like Minho's suave low-cut-double-breasted-suit-with-no-shirt action.  Wait!  All of you need to see the yummy goodness, then we can talk about it in the comments.  Warning: There is a real possibility that you might go blind from all the hot.  I'm just saying!



Day 4 [Guest Blogger Week] Idol Beauty And An Inconvenient Truth

Kpop Guest Blogger week image OddnessWeirdness

Guest Blogger Week continues with a post from my good chingu Stormy of Under the Radar!, who I've known for awhile.  In fact, she (along with Stephe of CloudUSA) was instrumental in my decision to start blogging, so thanks guys! :hugs:

Stormy is an avid music lover and die hard Shawol who got into Jpop in 2007, segued into Kpop in 2009 and hasn't looked back since.  Stormy started out writing for her blog My Music Radar! but has taken a brief hiatus from there for medical reasons and is currently blogging on her Tumblr Under the Radar!.  She hopes to return to My Music Radar! soon, so look out for that.

Idol Beauty and an Inconvenient Truth

Written by Stormy of Under the Radar

shinee taemin sherlock hair image



Day 3 [Guest Blogger Week] Life After The Big Three

Day 3 of Guest Blogger Week is here and today I've got another fabulous blogger for you to meet.  Her name is La Shauna and she runs the site Asia 24/7.  She started the site in 2011 and it has slowly turned into a one stop site for all the things a Kpop fan looks for, from lyrics, to reviews, to news, and more.  La Shauna is here today to give you some of her thoughts on what life is like for idols after they leave the three biggest entertainment companies in Korea.

Life After The Big Three

Written by La Shauna of Asia 24/7

For any artists leaving their agency at the height of success can spell all kinds of trouble for their career. In Kpop we've seen artists, and agencies of all magnitudes go their separate ways. There’s rapper E.Via, now Tymee, who made a quiet split from her agency, Dline Media, due to lack of payment in 2012, and Hwayoung who was kicked out of T-ara and Core Contents Media causing one of the biggest controversies of 2012. Then we have artists like JYJ, who split from one Kpop’s biggest names in it’s history due to their unfair contracts, and Jaebeom, who fled back to the States after comments from his early days in Korea came to light.

While we’ve seen, and heard just about nothing from Hwayoung and E.Via since their retreats into the shadows, JYJ, and Park Jaebeom have weathered the storm and have managed to stay in the limelight. But why? What do JYJ, and Jay Park have that Hwayoung, and E.Via don’t? The Big 3.


Sobbing Uncontrollably: SHINee's Wonderful Day Episode 10 Has Been Released

What a sad day for Shawols.  It's sad because the the last episode of SHINee's Wonderful Day was released... :sniffle:  No more cuteness... Aigoo!  What to do with myself now?  Actually, it's probably a good thing that SHINee's part 2 to "Dream Girl", "Misconceptions of Me" will be released shortly, because we'll soon have something else to spazz about.  As for now, let's go watch:

Shinee's Wonderful Day episode 10 screencap



Day 2 [Guest Blogger Week] April's Got A List And She's Not Afraid To Tell You About It

It's Day 2 of Guest Blogger Week on Oddness/Weirdness and today I bring you April from PinkFashionNinja.com.  This is what April has to say about herself:
"I'm April from Kansas but unlike Dorothy I'm not wishing to get back home.  Currently residing in South Korea.  BoomShakaLaka"
April blogs about Kpop and Kpop fashion, and since she lives in Korea you can count on her to give you the low down on the latest concerts and on how to get that Kpop style without breaking the bank.  You can also check out her vlogs on YouTube for more of her unique viewpoint.  Read on for some of her thoughts:

April's Two Cents

Written by: April of PinkFashionNinja.com

First off a quick message:

Hello everyone, My name is April aka The Pink Fashion Ninja and I run a fashion/kpop blog called the Pink Fashion Ninja.  I also Vlog about life in Korea!  I wanted to address something before I begin my Kpop rant. :D

I’ve gotten a quite a few inquires over the past couple years about people wanting to come to Korea for something other than teaching.  By now we all know that teaching seems to be the only way to work or even get to Korea (or Asia) for a foreigner.   Though this is mostly true, I want to use this time to share some thoughts and give hope to those you have dreams abroad.


UPDATED: SHINee To Release Their Part 2- "The Misconceptions of Me" on April 29th!

It's official!  SHINee's Pt. 2 to "Chapter 1. Dream Girl- Misconceptions of You" will be released this month.  There's been some changes though, so read on.

SHINee's image teaser for Misconceptions of You pt. 2


Video of the Day: Block B's Zico With Ugly Duck and Crush "So Young (Remix)"

There goes my bias list again.  First it was Rain, then GD & T.O.P, SHINee, etc., etc.  But seriously, I've had a slight crush on Zico ever since I realized he could really rap for reals.  I mean, damn.  This man can spit some lines like no tomorrow.  Hold on, though... have you seen this mv for 느낌 So Young (될 대로 되라고 해 Remix) yet?  If not, you must. Go ahead:

Zico So Young Remix mv screencap



[Guest Blogger Week] Regular Guy or Celebrity: A Soldier Is A Soldier Is A Soldier. Got That?

It's Guest Blogger Week at Oddness/Weirdness!  I'm sure you're wondering what that entails, right? Well, a fellow blogger approached me about writing a post for her blog about something that I really feel strongly about in the world of Kpop.  I thought that was such a good idea that I decided to borrow it for my blog. I begged asked some of my awesome blogger friends to help me out and, surprisingly (and graciously), they said yes!

These fabulous women are a super diverse bunch. They come from all walks of life and all have their own unique niche in the Kpop blogger world. I'm excited to present their posts for your enjoyment, and I hope you'll be as interested to read them as I was. You'll be missing out if you don't!

The first post is written by Stephe of CloudUSA.org.  She's the co-founder of that site, as well as a power blogger, technical writer, Fine Fabrications Fiction Focus Group facilitator, fantasy & paranormal novelist, & Cloud USA Media Blog master, and Rain (aka Jung Ji Hoon) enthusiast.  In other words, she's an excellent writer, and she's here to vent about Kpop Idols in the military.

Regular Guy or Celebrity: A Soldier is a soldier is a soldier. Got that?

Written by: Stephe Thornton, CloudUSA.org

rok soldiers at seoul national cemetary
Jung JiHoon (Rain), Jo JungIk (Yoo Gun, actor), and troop mates. cr: Yonhap News



Steal Their Style: G-Dragon's Harajuku Street Fashion

G-Dragon was spotted shopping on the streets of Harajuku, Japan the other day and I was instantly captivated by his outfit.  You know I love me some of GD's style but he really made me do a triple take with this one.  I'm referring to this high/low shirt dress and leggings combo he was sporting on April 10th:

GD on Instagram: 겨울이가고봄이찾아오죠
Trans: Winter is gone, spring has arrived (Lyrics from Blue)



Song of the Day: PSY's "Gentleman"

PSY has finally released the highly anticipated follow up to his huge hit, 2012's overly played "Gangnam Style".  The song is titled "Gentlemen" and it was released at 12 am Korean time on April 12th.  Apparently PSY doesn't want you to hear it until 12 am your time, but guess what?  Those wily netizens managed to upload a copy of it to YouTube quicker than you can blink an eye, so take a listen:

Psy Gentleman teaser poster



[UPDATED] SHINee's Wonderful Day Episode 9 Is Up + Some "Dream Girl" Album Part 2 News

UPDATED: With English subs

I'm happy that the 9th episode of "SHINee's Wonderful Day" is ready for us to watch, but I'm also sad that it's the 9th episode.  Only one more to go... sob!  Whatever shall we do without more 45 minute long episodes of SHINee being silly?  Hey, at least we have their new album to look forward to.  More on that below.  Take a look!

Fyi, if you need to catch up on the other episodes of SHINee's Wonderful Day, click here.

Shinee's Wonderful Day episode 9 Onew image
Onew is so weird.  <3



Spam Post: SHINee At The Korean Music Wave Festival 2013

The boys of SHINee recorded their performances for the Korean Music Wave Festival in Bangkok on March 16th but the show did not officially air until April 7th.  Way to keep us waiting, people!  These pics have been floating around the 'net for awhile now, and they've just been cluttering up my desktop, so I figured this would be a perfect way to put them to use.  I've also got a few fancams and their actual performance stream, along with Minho's MC cuts.  The best part about Minho being one of the MCs is that he's wearing an extremely odd shirt while he's doing it, and we all know I like to give Minho a hard time, so this is a win/win situation right here.  On with the show!

Shinee Korean Music Wave festival Bangkok 2013



Pics & A Few Fancams From G-Dragon's One of a Kind World Tour Debut in Seoul

G-Dragon kicked off his "2013 G-Dragon World Tour: One of a Kind" on the 30th of March and has received his fair share of kudos and accolades from industry friends and fans alike.

I was all set to make an epic spam post about the concerts, featuring a ton of fancams and pics.  Imagine my chagrin when I realized that YG Entertainment was systematically taking down almost all videos of the concert that they could find on YouTube.  A lot of the accounts associated with those videos were also deleted for multiple counts of copyright infringement.  I was pretty surprised about this, since all fancams of Big Bang's last tour are "alive" and well, including my fancams of Big Bang's Alive concert in New Jersey.

So today I'm bringing you the gorgeous HQ pics with the few good fancams that are still to be found (I'm guessing they're still there because they were recently uploaded).  Make sure you watch quickly; who knows how long they'll be around.

G-Dragon One of a Kind World Tour Seoul- 1



UPDATED: Even More SHINee: Watch SHINee's Wonderful Day Episode 8 With English Subs

UPDATED: With English subs.

Another episode of SHINee's Wonderful Day is available for your viewing pleasure.  Did you realize that we're at Episode 8 now, which means that there's only 2 more episodes until the series ends?  Nooooooooooooooo....  Hey SMent?  How about a variety show for SHINee?  Huh?  What do you think?  No answer?  Hmm...  I'll get back to them on that.

If you haven't watched episode 7 with English subs yet, click here.  If you need to catch up on the older episodes, then click here.  Have fun!

Shinee's Wonderful Day episode 8 taemin


Watch This Now: SHINee's Wonderful Day Episode 7 With English Subs

Our favorite subber has come through for us once again and served up some English subs for SHINee's Wonderful Day episode 7.  I'm so happy right now, I could hug her.  Don't forget, you can view all the other episodes with English subs by clicking here.  Now go watch!

Minho waves goodbye to London.

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