SM Entertainment Releases SHINee's "Dream Girl" Album Teaser Medley

It's been a night filled with a lot of misdirection and waiting but at least we got something out of it!  That's right... even though I posted all kinds of random incorrect stuff on the blog Facebook page, here is SHINee's "Dream Girl" album medley teaser.  

SM Entertainment Releases SHINee's "Dream Girl" Album Teaser Medley

Dream Girl Tracklist:

1. Spoiler
2. Dream Girl
3. 히치하이킹 (Hitchhiking)
4. Punch Drunk Love
5. Girls, Girls, Girls
6. 방백 (Aside)
7. 아름다워 (Beautiful)
8. 다이너마이트 (Dynamite)
9. Runaway

From what I'm hearing here, it sounds like an album full of '70s songs.  I really like the first one so far and "Dream Girl" sounds like it will be good.  Otherwise I'm really not sure about this but I will withhold judgement until I hear the whole thing.  When I first heard "Sherlock" I was pretty damned unsure also but that turned out well.  We'll see, right??

Edited to add: The more I listen the more I like certain songs.  I really like the 1st song, the song at 1:00, the one at 1:08 and "Dream Girl".  The 19th can't come fast enough!

Here's a bonus pic from SHINee's Line Chat interview on 120216:

SHINee LINE Chat update 130216 -

☆19일 컴백을 앞둔 SHINee <Dream Girl> 안무연습 현장! 라인에서 공개합니다☆

Before the comeback on 19th, SHINee <Dream Girl> dance practice! Now revealed on LINE

Translation: onyuxccy

Shinee's "Dream Girl Chapter 1: Misconceptions of You" will be released on Febuary 19th.  You ready?

What do you guys think??  Leave me a comment below with all your feels.

Source: SMTOWN, forever_shinee.


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