Watch Big Bang on Danny From L.A. Episodes 1 & 2 With English Subs

When Big Bang was in Los Angeles in early November for their Alive concert tour stops, they ended up being guests on a show called "Danny From L.A.", which is an Mnet America weekly original show that talks about Asian pop culture and entertainment.  Watch Big Bang in all their lo-fi splendor as they relax, laugh and talk in a mixture of English and Korean about all kinds of topics, especially their delicious looking In 'n Out burgers.

Big Bang on Danny From L.A. episodes 1 & 2 with English Subs
cr. korea.com.  

To be honest, I haven't even watched these videos yet but I'll be doing that as soon as I hit publish on this post.  I do like how the uploader just busted out his/her camera and started filming.  That is a dedicated fan right there (I'd totally do the same).

Be sure to hit me up in the comments to let me know what you thought of these episodes so we can fangirl collectively.  You can also click here for more pics from that day.  Enjoy!

Episode 1:

Episode 2 (interview starts in 2nd video):

Want more Danny From L.A.?  Check out their official Facebook page here.

Source: korea.comYGfan25 via omonatheydidnt.



  1. blame Danny for Taeyang's English...

  2. the vids do not work!!! =``(

  3. So sorry... They've been made private. I'll see if I find them somewhere else tonight or tomorrow depending on where you ae in the world.


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