Strictly for the Visuals: Oddness/Weirdness Does Top 10 Kpop Videos of 2012

We're back with another Top 10, and by "we" I mean Stormy and myself.  This time we're talking about the top 10 videos of 2012 and as mentioned in the title, it's strictly for the visuals.  We won't be bringing you our thoughts on the bestest Kpop songs of the year, as we already did that, or even the best songs/videos.  This post is just about the videos released in 2012 that wowed us visually.

Yes, some of the songs on this list are the same as on our Top 10 songs list but that's because it just so happens that, in our opinions, both the song and the mv are perfection.

Don't agree with us?  No problem!  Scroll on down to the comments section and let your fingers fly.

Oddness/Weirdness Kpop blog does Top 10 Kpop Videos of 2012

Erika says:


When this mv first came out, I was in awe of Junsu's talent and I haven't changed my mind since.  I'd seen the teasers and all (and liked them) but the second that Junsu's extra androgynous "Tarantallegra" alter ego appeared and started busting a move, my mouth was open.  This man has balls.  I mean, the whole mv is pretty much a big f**ck you to all his haters and naysayers.  Plus Junsu can also dance his ass off AND the video is gorgeous in a gothic fantasy type of way.  All the love, Junsu, all the love.

Watch Tarantallegra dance version here.

2 Crayon + One of a Kind- G-Dragon 

G-Dragon Crayon mv screencap

Yes, a tie because these two songs are great and all but their videos are pure perfection in my eyes.  As GD mentioned in his XXL interview, the director for both "Crayon" and "One of a Kind", Seo Hyun Seung, is one unique individual, so it stands to reason that the two videos would end up being full of candy colors and outlandish imagery.  I couldn't have asked for more.

Watch Crayon here and One of a Kind here.

3 Tried to Walk- B1A4

This is unequivocally the best video (and song) B1A4 has ever released.  I had to keep watching it over and over to marvel at how well done it is.  I'm also a sucker for anything fantasy related (helloooo "The Hobbit movie!), so this sucked me in right away.

4 Fantastic Baby- Big Bang

Big Bang Fantastic Baby mv screencap

Utterly ridiculous and kind of pretentious is how I'd describe this mv but that's exactly what makes it one of the best of the year.  It's so cray-cray you have to love it, right?  Just that opening shot with GD's hair sealed the deal for me, and I was in love sweet love.  How they can go from the simple elegance of "Love Song" to this ode to excess is beyond me, but that's what I like about Big Bang: You never know what to expect.

Watch Fantastic Baby here.

5 History + Mama- EXO-K

Another tie, if you can imagine.  I'm not much of a fan of EXO, mainly because I think they need lots of practice with being a cohesive group and performing in public.  However, these two music videos were some of the best of the year because they used the same Kpop formula of boxed in videos and turned it on it's head.  SM threw in some pricey special effects, intricate choreography and a back story and managed to make me want to watch them over and over again.  Not bad, guys.  Now go work on doing that with Super Junior, please.

Watch History here.

Stormy says:


Xiah Junsu Tarantallegra mv screencap

I really have to give best video to Junsu.  This incredible video has something for everyone, including awesome choreography and costumes.  Stunningly visual with a tremendous contribution from Aziatix's Flowsik.  My favorite part?  The very end where Junsu gives a tight little grin like "Ha! Motherf**kers!  Got ya now! Don't I?!"  Yeah baby, you do, cause you are no where on my bias list, still I'm giving you video of the year.  Take THAT!  Xia Junsu!  Oh my bias list T_T

Tarantallegra screen caps and commentary here.

2 Bad Boy- Big Bang

I NEVER get tired of this bluesy flow that transports me to...yah!  Thats NY!  Harlem to be exact, and who knows more about blues than Harlem?  Nobody thats who!  This video takes advantage of every shuttered, bullet proof storefront (foodstamps accepted here) and underpass in NY.  Ya know what I love?  Taeyang (you gangsta you!), and ChoomTOP!  If that bling was any bigger. >.<   Yah...gotta love it all.

3 1000 Years, Always By My Side- SHINee

Shinee Shinigami 1000 Years mv screencap

SHINee playing Shinigami is not really that far fetched for them.  SHINee often displays a darker side, but none better than in this Japanese release.  Their costumes are perfect, the roles carefully chosen for each member suits them perfectly (Oh Jonghyun tapping that pocket watch).  I adore the shapeshifting into 5 black cats.  Maknae Taemin, fist in the air making the other members laugh but joining him anyway cause, ottoke?  He's still a baby Shinigami and we must entertain him!

Watch 1000 Years here. 

4 Warrior- B.A.P

Seriously I was stunned when this video came out.  "This is a debut video? These are rookies?"  Mouth hanging open, I played it over and over.  Bang Yong Guk's growl, baby Jello's rap, no WAY these babies are rookies.  Well they were and still are, not that you can tell from this video that assaults your senses with intense choreography and very un-idol-like costumes.  Lasers, assault hammers, whistles!  OMG!  Does it ever end?  Then there's the stomp-like dance break and b-boyin.  Don't forget, when this came out (January 2012), Jello had just turned freakin' 15!  15!!!!!  Anyway.... "I like the blonde one".  That will never get old.

5 Nillili Mambo- Block B

Block B Nillili Mambo mv screencap

Pirates or Ninja?  Ahhh the age old question.  I ALWAYS chose Ninja.... until this video that is.  The rustic qualities of this video grab you by the throat and don't let go until you collapse at the end.  NO QUARTER!  Zico, have mercy!  But there is none coming.  Zico says, "Bye guys!  Hi Ladies!  Mwahaaa!", and I say, "Come on everyone, let's follow Zico; it's bound to be a wild ride!"  How about that click... "Oops!"  That's okay 'cause everything is "okey dokie" and I'm totally buyin' the whole story 'cause.... it's Zico and Block B.  ^.~

Watch Nillili Mambo here.

What do you think of our top 10?  Got any additions or hate our choices?  Leave us some comments!

Source: CJESJYJ, TSENT2008SMTOWNchB1A4, BIGBANG.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness + MyMusicRadar!.  Take out with full credit.



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  2. I loved Big Bang's Bad Boy video, but I just wanted to clarify that it was filmed in Williamsburg (BK). Anyway, all the picks were on point!

  3. Well thanks for that! We totally swore it was Harlem. Shows how much we know! Lol


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