Oddness/Weirdness Does Top 10 Songs of 2012

It is currently the time of year when every kind of site, magazine, radio station, etc., starts making their "Top Whatever of 2012" lists and I wanted to jump in on that bandwagon with my First Annual Top 10 Songs of the Year list.  Of course I have to do it my way, and that entails me asking my friends for their help.

My friends and I have been talking about Kpop music and music videos all year, so they're as qualified as I am to make judgements and pronouncements.  In other words, not qualified at all, but hey, that hasn't stopped us yet!

Joining me will be MyMusicRadar! aka Stormy to her friends.  Like me, Stormy also runs a Kpop blog and Tumblr and has written for this site before; I couldn't have done this post without her.  Also joining us (for contrast) is Dasiey28, an avid Kpop enthusiast and Kdrama watcher extraordinaire.  If you ever need to find any Kpop mv or need to know where to watch a Kdrama, ask and she shall find.  She is the Kpop-finding master.  Oh and btw, I'm Erika.  :)

Vote for your Song of the Year at the end of this post;  if you don't like our choices you can write your song in.  I'll be posting the results on December 21st.  Make sure to leave me a comment with your feels/thoughts.  Got a different opinion?  Let me know!

Top 10 Songs of 2012

Erika says:

Shinee Sherlock Top 10 Kpop Songs 2012
1 Shinee- Sherlock

I fell in love with this song right away, and not just because it was SHINee.  It's 2 songs in one and kind of all mixed up but I love it to pieces because it's super bombastic and loud.  It also reminds me a bit of Juliette and Replay (my fave SHINee songs ever) so what's not to love?  The mv was good but their performances are what made this song even more epic... IMHO, SHINee just keeps getting better and better.

Big Bang Bad Boy Top 10 Kpop Songs 20122 Big Bang- Bad Boy 

This is, of course, one of my absolute favorite Big Bang songs, if not THE fave.  It's chock full of Big Bang at their swaggiest singing about being jerks.  What's not to love?  Plus the mv is set in NYC with some funky fresh dance moves, and that's always a good thing.

Big Bang Fantastic Baby Top 10 Kpop Songs 2012
3 Big Bang- Fantastic Baby

Big Bang's version of a club banger burst onto the Kpop scene with a bang and proceeded to not go away for months.  There were parodies and dance covers galore, good ones and bad, and I watched a ton of them.  Why?  Because this song rocks, my friends, and so does the mv.  I cannot help but dance my own version of the choreography when it comes on, even at the Big Bang concert (just a little) and I was not the only one.  Whether you're a fan or not, you cannot deny the power of Boom Shakalaka.

Xiah Junsu Tarantallegra Top 10 Kpop Songs 2012
4 Xiah Junsu- Tarantallegra

I'll admit I was never really a fan of Junsu, or JYJ for that matter, but I had noticed that he seemed really talented.  I was intrigued by all the teasers for "Tallantallegra" but wasn't thinking that much of it.  Needless to say, I was blown away by the song and mv when they were released.  Ohhmygherddd was I blown away!  That voice.  Those moves.  Those outfits.  That flaw-free makeup.  Enough said.

EXO- K What Is Love Top 10 Kpop Songs 2012
5 EXO-K- What is love

I followed EXO's 194023848 teasers as much as the next person, but then began to lose interest as I realized they all seemed to mostly be about Kai.  Don't get me wrong, Kai is a cutie, but there are about 20 other people in EXO to learn about so I was feeling all kinds of meh.  Imagine my surprise when they released this "prologue" single (wth is that, anyway?) and I heard D.O. and Baekhyun (aka Bacon) singing, nay... sanging, the hell out of that song.  This song is perfection in that old school '90s R'n'B type of way, and I don't even LIKE R'n'B.  Damn Kpop for making me listen to all types of genres... damn you all to hell.

Wonder Girls Like This Top 10 Kpop Songs 2012
6 Wonder Girls- Like This

"Like This" is just plain old fun in song form in my eyes, plus I've always wanted to participate in a flashmob.  A flashmob with trendy fashion?  I love it.  I also love the choreography in this mv and the fact that the Wonder Girls always looked like they were having tons of fun when performing this onstage.  Good job, JYP.  Also, good job on not saying your name in the beginning of the song.

Block B Nillili Mambo Top 10 Kpop Songs 2012
7 Block B- Nillili Mambo

These poor dudes had the worst beginning of 2012 ever, so it was extremely good to see them come back super hard with "Nillili Mambo" and their "Blockbuster" album.  This song and mv is epic to the 100th power and I'm so happy and proud of them.  If you haven't watch this mv, run there now because it is typical crazy ass Block B and one of the best videos of the year.  Block B fighting!

G-Dragon One of a Kind Top 10 Kpop Songs 2012
8 G-Dragon- One of a Kind

If you've read this blog at all you'll know my love for Big Bang's G-Dragon knows no bounds so I'm assuming it's no surprise to find one of his song on my top 10.  GD is an accomplished rapper so it's great to hear his flow on this old school southern rap sounding number.  The mv was also full of incredible visuals and fashion, so much so that I almost couldn't stop making screencaps and/or blog posts.  I won't be growing tired of this one anytime soon.

9 Jay Park- Know Your Name

This song was my jam for quite a while, and not only because the mv featured a black girl.  I really like Jay Park's music a lot and this song is indicative of the type of song he should always do.  It sounds like the type of song that could make it in the U.S. very easily, all he'd have to do is change the language to English and he'd be in there.  Let's hope Jay continues releasing these Ne-yo/Chris Brown style tracks... who knows how far he could get.

10 PSY- Gangnam Style

While "Gangnam Style" isn't on my most played or most loved songs, it deserves a mention for being the first song to really break into the U.S. market.  In fact it broke into the world market and is still going strong.  You can't beat that!  I am worried, though, about how PSY will do in the U.S. after the furor over this song dies down.  We shall see, won't we?

Honorable Mentions

SHINee's "1000 Years, Always By Your Side" & B.A.P's "Warrior"

 SHINee with "1000 Years" because both the song and mv are just beautiful and they deserve to win awards galore.  B.A.P's "Warrior" because they had an incredible year and this song was the best debut by a male group ever, IMHO.

Stormy says:

1  SHINee - 1000 Years

Lovely, sad and mystical.  Everything that is awesome and wonderful about SHINee rolled up into this alluring end of year ballad.  One of the things I love about SHINee being in Japan is that they get to try new things, as evidenced by this new release.

2 Big Bang - Bad Boy

Most played song in the Stormy car, invoking all kinds of feels.  Lots of songs I like and only listen to while watching the video.....THIS is not one of them.  Don't get me wrong, I adore the video, especially since it was filmed in NY.  Point being I don't NEED to see the video to enjoy the song, it's that good!

3 B.A.P. - Warrior

Undeniably, "Warrior" is all about the visuals as well as the music, because   B.A.P's debut was every male idols' wet dream. They burst onto the scene with "Warrior", floored us with "No Mercy" and then played "Power".  It seemed no one could top them this year, and it all started with "Warrior". I'm STILL looking at you SME.  >.>

4 SHINee - Sherlock

Ahhh Taemin's concept pictures invoked so much......well, love and hate really. Despite it all, (including dressing Taemin in a manskirt AND let's never forget the worst weave in Kpop history), this song captured my heart, and not just because it's the song where Taemin joined the vocal line of SHINee (no more fake mics for THIS baby!!!! Sorry, sorry... inside joke). As always from SHINee, a strong performance mixed with possibly the hardest choreography in Kpop ever!

5 Infinite - The Chaser

Definitely not my most favorite Infinite song, but could I do a Top 10 with out them? No! So "The Chaser" it is. It's not bad by any means, and Infinite themselves liked it because they got to do some "sexy dance moves". Ummm, okay. On the other hand, MOST EPIC car crash in a video evah!

6 Block B - NalinA

Awwww these babies won the 'Suck Lottery' this year, but let's not get into that here. I adore this song on several levels, and they're all Zico. >.> "What up Delly boy"! The gorilla dance! Okay maybe we do know what he means. ^.~
Also, "Cause he's hot~~~hot" *flaps shirt* gets my vote for Most Heat Inducing Dance Move.

7 Block B- Nillili Mambo

Pirates!!!! Extra large GEMS! And a gun! What more do we need from them?? Gahhhhhh!!!!! Can't contain the feels! T_T Rustic! Rough and Ready! Okay I'm done..... Anyone got a cigarette?

8 B.A.P.- Power

B.A.P's contribution to this years theme, "Against Bullying", was a step above all the others. One of the best things about B.A.P.? Zelo, affectionately called Jello by the fandom. I can't with this baby, who just turned 16 last month and is already 6' tall and still growing. He might become a giant in Kpop, and not just for his height, because this baby's 4 measure.... How does someone move their mouth that fast? I really can't.....

9 Teen Top- To You

Gaahhh these babies. I wish I could have put them higher on the list cause they have worked hard this year, but Ottoke? I loved this song and its haunting "wooohooo wooohwooooho" since release, and still find myself singing it at odd moments. Let's not forget to mention the sexy time dance moves! Favorite part? L Joe's dance solo.

10 MBLAQ- It's War

Oh my MBLAQ babies! It's been such a tough road for them, but they remain on my radar because there is a whole lotta talent here. "It's War" provided a nice vehicle to showcase a lot of their talents, including Joonie's awesome "Hollywood Acting".  "This is War" brought MBLAQ their only other music show win (the 1st was for Y in 2010) last February. What should have won was "Run": Ninja dance with the back0up dancers, Joonie's double katana dance break... yeah, "Run" shoulda won....just sayin'.

Honorable Mention

NU'EST- Action

"Action" was a nice step up from their debut song, "Face", but also was a declaration that they would not be ignored in this years' rookie class of debuts. Really, NU'EST could have gotten lost in the mix this year but somehow they were not to be denied their chance. It's not all about Ren either, 'cause I got over that fast. No, my favs there would be Baekho and Aron. Of course having a rapper from the states is a major plus!

Dasiey says:

1  B2ST- Beautiful Night

Every time I hear this song I just have to sing along.  To me it is like the perfect party song and it makes you want to go out dancing with your friends.  If you haven't heard it yet, you need to run and listen right away.

2 G-Dragon- Crayon

When I first heard "Crayon", I have to say I wasn't a huge fan.  Then I watched the video and I have loved it ever since.  Watching GD having such a good time in the video makes the song sound even better.

3 G-Dragon- One of a Kind

A song like this one needs to be listened to everyday, because the beat and the lyrics are just so perfect. I don't know how GD does it, but he can write a song that makes you want to party all day and night.

4 G-Dragon- That XX

All I can say about this one is that GD looks and sound so sexy.  To me, it is the sexiest song I have ever heard him sing before.  I hope he will make more songs like this in the future.

5 SHINee- Sherlock

The first time I saw this song performed onstage, I knew it was going to be a hit.  I mean, the lyrics are perfect and the dancing is beyond spectacular.  By the end of the performance they're breathing so hard they look like they're going to just fall to the ground.  They dance to this song with all their hearts and you can so tell.

6 SHINee- 1000 Years 

I finally got to see this video and hear this song the other day and I think I cried through the whole thing.  The emotion that they put into it really shows how much SHINee cares about their music.  They are experts at performing a song with just the right amount of emotion to make you understand what they're trying to say without knowing their language.

7 Teen Top- To You

Teen Top performs this song and every song they do with such precision, I sometimes think that they're robots.  "To You" is a fun and sexy song.

8 B.A.P. - Warrior 

I think that B.A.P. is one of the best rookie groups this year.  When they hit the stage they always bring their "A" game.  I have never seen a rookie group with such good stage presence from the get-go.  They own the stage every time they perform.  Warrior is a tough but entertaining song and shows all of the members' talent.

9 Block B- Nillili Mambo 

The beat and lyrics to "Nillili Mambo" is just perfect.  I feel like the song showcases their personalities to the "T".

10 Big Bang- Fantastic Baby

I know I could say I love every song on this list, but I really love, LOVE this song. I have so much fun dancing and listening to it.  I love how whenever Big Bang performs "Fantastic Baby" they're having such a good time.  It's like they're having a party and they want everyone to join them.



  1. Haha oh lord I could not disagree with this list any more than I do. Great idea for a blog entry tho! I might make one too : D

  2. Lol I'm quite sure a lot of people will disagree but that's all part of the fun. I'll look forward to seeing ur post. :)

  3. To Stormy,
    U-Kwon: I have a gilfriend.
    Me, & other BBC: NOW we know WHY are you hot, hot, so hot!!

    Good ranking! Definitely I will give an opportunity to the groups that did not know, and that pc. included here.

  4. lol! now we know ^^ and I agree!

    Glad you enjoyed our Top 10 2012 List ^^

  5. I'm sure I won't be very popular if I say what my favourite song of the year is because it's not a K-pop song sorry. I loved Climax by Usher. Now shoot me!

  6. for my 2012 Top Songs: 1) G-Dragon - One of a Kind 2) BigBang - Blue 3) EpikHigh - It's Cold 4) Exo - Angel 5) Ailee - Love Note 6) G-Dragon - XX 7) RoyKim - Passing By 8) Bigbang - Monster 10) 9) EXO- MAMA BoA - Only One

  7. Nice list! I haven't listened to the Ailee, Roy Kim or Epik High songs. I'll have to check them out. :)


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