Block B's P.O. is Gunning For Ya In His New Teaser + Some Taeil

Block B released P.O.'s "Nillili Mambo" teaser today and Taeil's teaser on the 11th but I'm gonna talk about P.O.'s teaser first because of reasons.

Watch Block B P.O.'s teaser 121013.

Is it just me or is he looking kind of... good... with that hair?  I'll give him a pass on the fact that his hair looks sweaty as hell.  Also, can I just freak out over that song?  Pleeeezzeee tell me that there'll be a song that sounds like that on the album!!  

What's up with all the guns though?  First UKwon, now P.O.  Hmm... Watch there not be any guns in any of the music videos they release.  

Next is Taeil's teaser:

I'd include a pic but there's not really anything to screencap, since they barely showed his face.  I wonder why because they sure were up in everyone else's face.

As for the song, on a scale from "hells yeah" to "definitely not", I give it a "definitely not".  It sounds just like the type of song you'd hear in a K-drama, which is the exact opposite of any song I'd voluntarily listen to.  Ah well, at least Taeil gets to sing solo so good for him.

Next up will be Zico's teaser.... It better be good!

What do you guys think of P.O. and Taeil's teasers?  Want the rest of the "Nillili Mambo" teasers?  Check them out here.

Source: BrandnewStardom, Screencap by Oddness/Weirdness.


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