Video of the Day: U-Kiss's "Stop Girl" MV Teaser, Black and White Version

Ok I'll admit that I've never paid the least bit of attention to U-Kiss before but I might just have to after watching their mv teaser for "Stop Girl".

The song sounds full of win but we all know they could just be psyching us out.  The dancing looks like it could be excellent... check out Kiseop breaking it down in the front there.  

The black and white cinematography is a great choice and I really like how it gives the mv a stark feel.  Please tell me this is not just for the teaser.  Someone?  Anyone??  Sigh.

U-Kiss will be releasing their 7th mini album on September 20 and I'll be posting about the mv as soon as it comes out.

Source: ukiss2008, Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.


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