The Countdown to G-Dragon's Comeback is On!

So I guess YG Entertainment was trolling us before because now there's a new G-Dragon comeback countdown clock on yg-life.com.


I want the mv to "One of a Kind" and his new album to be released right this second, but hey, I'm greedy like that.

I just realized how tan GD is... Wonder if that's a self tanner or if he was actually out in the sun.   Can you imagine??  A real tan?  Shocking.  If you're not sure what I'm being sarcastic about, go read some interesting info here.

More GD goodies:

Interesting hairline, GD.  

That's GD and friends, courtesy of KoreanModel Tumblr.  I can only guess that they're at the "One of a Kind" mv shoot, but I could be wrong.

Oh by the way... to all the people that think that G-Dragon's hair is in dreads, think again.  Those are cornrowed braids.

Lisa Bonet has dreadlocks:

Snoop Dogg (Lion?) with cornrows:

There's a difference.

Source:  bigbangupdatesZimbioallvoices.

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