Video of the Day: Wonder Girls "Like Money" Teasers

So the Wonder Girls came out with teaser #3 for "Like Money" today, and boy is it a doozie!

This teaser highlights the fact that this song and mv will be a far cry from their previous singles like "Be My Baby" and "Like This", party because of a very special guest:

That's right, my friends... Akon is in the JYPE house!  They sure did keep that under wraps, didn't they?  No hints, no leaks, nothing, and that's how it should be.  Take a look at the teaser for the Wonder Girls' "Like Money":

There seems to be all kinds of fabulous-ness going on and I like it.  Guessing from the teaser, the Wonder Girls are futuristic sexbots singing and dancing in their satellite/space vehicle while it's being flung through the farthest reaches of space.  The choreography was created by one of my faves, Jonte Moaning, who also did the choreo for "Be My Baby" and "The DJ is Mine".  Looks like JYPE spent tons of cash on this mv, right?  Good for them.

Judging from what I hear, the song sounds like it should be a good one; I do hope that it stays this good or better and doesn't morph into something totally different.  Some of the lyrics seem pretty cheesy, though.  It's the typical rap-game type of thing, where they're singing about hundred dollar bills and brand new wheels.  Blah to that.  I'll just ignore that part and hope for the best, because I like the Wonder Girls and wish them well.

Take a look at the previous two teasers below:

Wonder Girls- Like Money teaser 1

Wonder Girls- Like Money teaser 2

"Like Money" was apparently released in the U.S. during their movie special "The Wonder Girls Movie" on TeenNick.  Check it out here:

"Like Money" will officially be released on July 10th.

Source: WonderGirlsVEVO3wonderfuls2soompi.


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