To Marc Jacobs: You're Kidding Me Right??

Ok, I'm sorry but you're really getting ridiculous now.  You legit took a piece of plastic and made a fugly skirt out of it.  I'm a fan of avant garde fashion and all, and I like some of your clothes, but this just takes the cake.  I bet some dumbasses will buy it, too, just because it's Marc Jacobs.

Look what it does to this super skinny model in the front.  Yeah, that's right... a plastic pooch.  Imagine what it will look like on someone of normal size and shape, not to mention how uncomfortable it would be to wear and walk in.  Great job, dude.  Can I punch you in the face now?  Thanks.

Why don't you pair it with a gingham blouse??
No wonder she looks like she's about to laugh.

Guess how much this costs??  Yeah, you guessed it.  $695 for a piece of unattractive, unflattering plastic.  Have fun with that.

Source: ssense


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