Shinee Makes It Home Safely and Fashionably

Thanks for letting us know, Gangsta Key

120522 Key me2day update
[Key] 미국 도착 인증과 무사 귀국 인증 입니다 Home sweet home ‘ㅂ’ 보고 싶었음!
[Key] This is an arrival in USA acknowledgement shot and safe return acknowledgement shot. Home sweet home ‘ㅂ’ I’ve missed you!

Key has worn this shirt at least 3 times in the
past few days.  Must be a fave

Taemin at Incheon Airport
Same outfit coming AND going.

Preppy Minho is Preppy

Key on the way to his Catch Me If You Can performance

Onew at Incheon Airport 1

Onew at Incheon Airport 2

It's like everyone just brought two outfits to wear.  Well... except for maybe Key.


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