JJ Project's Bounce MV is Kinda Cute

...in a very discombobulated way.  

This mv from JYP Entertainment's latest group reminds me wayyy too much of Bang and Zelo's "Never Give Up" mv, mixed up with a little bit of 2PM's "Put Your Hands Up" mv.  Like I said, it's pretty cute in a frenzied, all-over-the-place way.  However, the boys (or is it babies?  Just how old are they anyway??) are just too adorable and make it look like they're having lots of fun.

Is it just me or do they look SUPER short??

My fave part:

Twerk it!


Source: JJprojectOfficial, we_rob_banks @ omonatheydidnt 1, sharolaids @ omonatheydidnt 2


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